A Dream?

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Lisa jolted awake. Her eyes surveyed the room where she was in panic. Realizing she was safe and not sitting inside a car which was upside-down, she relaxed a bit although her heart was still pounding. Her hands immediately went to her face to wipe her tears away. Then, she began to take calming breaths.

The dream she had felt so real and was so terrible that she woke up crying!

But was it only just that?

There was a nagging thought at the back of her head...

Why would she dream of dying of all things? God, how horrible! She could still remember in perfect detail what happened in her dream, especially the feeling of loneliness and her death. Her death... the memory made her shudder.

And then, the thought of her soon-to-be ex entered her mind. Lisa could not stop the hatred and anger brewing in her heart.

'Jeon Jungkook, you piece of shit! I'm signing those divorce papers so we'll finally be free from each other!' Lisa cursed him in her mind.

The fuming blonde blinked her eyes a few times. It was already nighttime. There was very little light coming from the sliding door leading to the balcony so it took Lisa a few seconds to adjust her eyesight.

Her jaw fell open in shock and disbelief.

'This... This isn't possible!'

The pounding of Lisa's heart was again deafening.

'What the hell is going on?!'

She got up and searched blindly for the light switch.


Her eyes went wide as they swept over the queen-sized bed, giant fluffy round rug, crystal chandelier and her collection of unicorn stuffed toys and merchandise displayed on one corner of the room.

This was... Her old bedroom...

How could she be in her old room?! In her old house?!

After her mother died, the bank seized the house and it was immediately bought by someone else. So, how could she be here?

Moreover, the furniture and items she sold off to earn money to move to a smaller apartment was still there.

What kind of sorcery was this?!

There was a knock on Lisa's door which startled the blonde.

"Lisa, are you awake?" She heard a voice she had been longing to hear for a long time.

Unshed tears blurred Lisa's vision. Was she hearing things? Despite thinking it was impossible for the person at the door to be who she was hoping for, she quickly rushed to it anyway. Upon throwing it open, Lisa was greeted by a face she didn't think she would be able to see again.


Sandara's hand flew to her chest. "My god, Park Lalisa! You startled me!"

"Mom..." Lisa's hand moved to touch Sandara's face.

The older woman's beautiful features showed her confusion. "What? What is it? Is there something on my face?"

Lisa shook her head. She wrapped her arms around Sandara as she cried. "I missed you so much."

"What are you talking about? We saw each other a couple of hours ago." Her mother said. Although Sandara was concerned about Lisa's strange behavior, she returned her daughter's hug. Her other hand softly rubbed the back of her daughter's head. "What's wrong?"

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