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Aurigan Space Saga

Sci-fi / Romance - 9 books set in the Aurigan constellation

There are nine stories in my Aurigan Space Saga series. So far I have revised, edited, and published six of them on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords etc.

The stories are all stand alone but Rough Play (available as a FREE ebook) and His Guilty Secret have some of the same characters.

Dangerous Tension - Spaceship captain Matthews has kept his sexuality a secret. What happens when the crew finds out? is Lieutenant Kent as straight as he always believed? Will he hit him or kiss him, or both?

Rough Play - Available as a FREE download on Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Smashwords etc. Spaceship Lieutenant Matthew Ferris has desired Daniel Peters, his ship's newest recruit, from the moment he saw him. When Peters follows him into a two-man capsule after a mission, Ferris thinks all his dreams are about to come true. What he doesn't expect is to discover a scandal that could tear his ship apart. Some call it rough play, he calls it unacceptable.

His Guilty Secret - Heir to a wealthy shipping family, Adam S Hayes has his life carefully mapped out. Career, marriage, family. After establishing himself successfully as Captain of the Patrol Ship Revel, it is time for the next step. Everything is going according to plan ... until he meets Danyel King. Troubled and confused, Hayes risks losing his chance for love as he finds himself torn between his heart and his head.

Lunar Affair - Lieutenant Jack Alexander sat morosely over his drink in the corner of the bar and watched the man he loved being expertly seduced. He had waited years for Marc to return his affections, perhaps now was the time to move on—stop fixating on the one man who was out of reach, his best friend, Marc Duran.

Untouchable - Alan Stewart was already torn between two men, Max the too-young son of his best friend and Michael, running from his past. Now it looked like his best friend had got himself mixed up in murder ... Currently posting Part One on wattpad. Edited version of full book available as an ebook for 99c.

Diell Breaker - Alexei Petrov had a stormy fight with his lover Rhys. Now he found himself on a ship where the Captain banned relationships between men, had he jumped from the frying pan into the fire?

Pirate - Liam Connell stared at his captor. He looked like a pirate from a holovid, black trousers and a white full sleeved shirt, with a purple sash around his waist. Black hair brushed his shoulders and ... Connell couldn't believe it, he actually had gold hoops in his ears. "Mmm! Mmmm! What do we have here?" the pirate smiled. Just what had he got himself into?

Suns (sequel to Pirate) - Colonel Rice has kept Stefan away from Liam Connell for 24 years, fearing the fallout if they should ever meet. Now Stefan has his first placement on Aykut as Captain, and Nick Connell, Liam's son, is his Lieutenant. What happens when the two sons meet? Is Colonel Rice the father Stefan has always believed? Set 24 years after Pirate.

Night Traveller - Lieutenant Mike Oliver didn't want to go to Asra, a tiny settlement on a frozen planet blanketed with nitrogen storms. Ryan Callan didn't want him there, sticking his nose into his business. Dane Trenwith didn't want Oliver there either, he had his own plans for Ryan.


Revised and edited versions of Dangerous Tension, Rough Play, His Guilty Secret, Lunar Affair, Untouchable, and Pirate are available as ebooks for only 99c. For the really keen, Lunar Affair, Untouchable, and Pirate are also available as paperbacks.

For links to the books, you can check out my author page at

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