18 - Devilish Fear

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Warning : this chapter and another chapter ahead will be lame and clichè. Hold yourself

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“You know the rules Yulhee. You are not allowed to”


And black overcome everything.


As everything is still a mess. All of them are still shaking, trembling and not calming down. A doctor come out from the emergency room.

"We found some type of drug in his blood"

“Did he takes any medicine?” A doctor says in rush, clothes stained with blood.

“I don’t know” someone says so slow almost can’t be heard.

Then a figure appears out of nowhere looking like a mess, tears in eyes, panting hard.


Yulhee. Yulhee shouts making all of them turn their head to look at her including the doctor. Tears threatening to fall at any second.

“Yulhee?” the man asks.

“I-is Jin inside there?” Yulhee asks, still not calming down.


“Did he take-“ the man is about to speak but Yulhee cut him off, tears falling down.

“He is under meds"

"He had a heart condition and he’s been through both major and minor surgeries before for multiples times. His last surgery was two years ago and he is under my observation for the next three years” Yulhee says, tears falling down while everyone listens to her.

Her legs completely shut off, making her fall to the floor with the others close to her.

“He is a Kim?” the man asks again.

Yulhee didn’t reply anything but she do nods at the question. The boys are completely clueless with the question. Why would someone asks that question?

“Please do everything” Yulhee says again.

And the man nods, before walking back to the room. As he was about to walk back inside, Yulhee stands up and was about to join him before the man stop her.

“You know the rules Yulhee. You are not allowed to” the man says in stern before leaving Yulhee with the boys completely clueless, shaking and in fear for the worse.

And Yulhee give up. She fall to the ground again, leaning to the wall gripping her hair, biting her mouth nervously without even care about the others.

After about an hour or two, she calmed down. Jin is a fighter. He will be okay, he will be alright and tomorrow he will wake up again smiling bright, mouth nagging about how shitty the hospital is again and again till he sleep.

A nurse come out from the room, handing Yulhee and the boys, Jin’s belongings. A watch that Yulhee gave Jin months ago. A necklace that has two rings in it, a wallet and a phone with broken screen.

As Yulhee already calm enough, she walks closer to the boys who are still not calming down. She quietly hugs each one of them. Just hugging them without muttering anything for a moment. She only mutters something after a moment of silent. Her reassuring words, making the boys calm down a bit.

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