Act I: Hyperdimension

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As Midoriya was doing hero training with his classmates outside with his hero costume on outside the dorms that U.A. provided for the students, A weird vortex appeared right in front of him.

Midoriya:What the?
He said confused as he was slowly getting sucked in.

Midoriya: W-Whoa!
As he was starting to get sucked in.

The class of 1-A watched him as the vortex sucked him in.

Except for Bakugo who just laughed.

After that, the vortex disappeared.

As the vortex sucked him in, He was speechless to say anything.
He thought that he was dead but he could feel his soul inside.
'Am I dead?' He thought worried. As the vortex shined in his eyes, that almost blinded him fully. He opened his eyes to see a beautiful sky. But thats when he looked down and realized that he was falling.

"I'M FALLING! AAAAAHHHHHH!" the boy screamed as he kept hurtling towards the ground

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"I'M FALLING! AAAAAHHHHHH!" the boy screamed as he kept hurtling towards the ground. Panic had taken the wheel, as Izuku couldn't think of anything he could do to stop himself from becoming a red stain.

"I can't be finished yet!" Izuku said to himself with determimation oozing from his words. He managed to force his panic into the back seat so he could think a little rationally.

'So I'm falling from the sky towards the ground. Let me think this out. If I use One for All to stop my fall, then I'll have a broken arm, and if villians show up, I'll be a sitting duck. Wait a minute! What if I generate the quirk through my finger! The force from the flick should be enough to at least slow me down. I also will still have my other fingers if I need to fight. Okay! When I get closer to the ground, then I'll do it!'

Izuku grabbed his right wrist with his left hand, and tried to form his right hand into the flicking position. He tried to move his middle finger, but found that it was broken, so he moved on to the index one.

He was still spinning, so it was relatively hard to try and figure out how close he was to the ground.

"Almost there..." he said before he infused his fingers with One for All. He was now maybe 100 feet in the air, and still falling.

At around 20 feet, Izuku knew that was his one and only chance, "Now!" he exclaimed before he flicked his finger.

While the action did result in him not splatting onto the ground, it also created a huge gash in the terrain. The ground caved in on itself a little from the impact, and caused the once grassy plain to be damaged.

Even when Izuku flicked his fingers, he was still spinning.

He tried to get up multiple times, but found it near impossible because of his body screaming at him for repair. So the boy opted to just stay on the countertop.

"Maybe I should just get some rest. I can't do anything anyways," Izuku said to himself before closing his eyes and letting sleep overtake him.

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