17 - Black

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"I will"


As Jin rush towards the nearest bus stop after making himself quite appealable to show up anywhere in the toilet of Bighit building, while he rush, he calls someone. The one that left Jin quite a lot of missed calls. His part-time colleague. He is about an hour late to his job, the man is probably still there since he can't leave the store before Jin came. And the man didn't answer the phone call making Jin feel uneasy as ever.

When he reach the store, the first thing he did was apologizing to his colleague.

"It's okay, I have about ten minutes for my meeting. Here-" the man says while handing Jin the notes from the owner of the shop.

"Sorry for the phone calls, I thought you will not come here. Anyway, I have to go now, go catch some breath, you looks like you could faint any moment" the man says, smiling before walking out of the store, leaving Jin panting a bit.

After calming his self down, Jin went back to work.


As the time marked for Jin to leave the store, he went back to the practice room, joining the others late at night. At time like this, usually the staffs already kicked them to go back to the dorm for this tasks. Together all seven of them ask for permission to use the practice room until really late and the staffs allow them to do that. That is the sign. A sign for the debut plan for sure. These tasks are their last tasks before the debut plan and because of that the staffs just let them do whatever they want.

As Jin enter the practice room again, the others are still there working for their own lyrics, some are looking annoyed and frustrated and some just stare everywhere hoping for ideas to come out. Since the others just looks mad, Jin just decided to walk quietly to where his laptop and things are, the same place where he sleep, and continue working for his work. Everyone is at the same place before Jin left to work. Perhaps they didn't even move?

About an hour in, the weird feeling in his stomach come up to his throat, making him runs towards the nearest toilet there and puking his stomach out.

On top of that he didn't even eat anything at all. Absolutely a call from his stomach to eat something because he forgot to eat anything that day. He didn't even have appetite to eat something because he just not hungry at all. As Jin cleans every mess, wash his mouth and his face, he walks back to the practice room but this time he just stop midway and take a sit on the bench beside the water filter placed in the hallway and doze off because he is just too worn out.

Some taps. He can feels some taps on his shoulders waking him up. And Jin slowly blinking his eyes open. He was greeted by food and a drink. Taehyung and Jungkook are in front of him, handing him the food and drink. As Jin takes the food and drink, they both didn't left.

"What are you doing? Why aren't you eating it?" Taehyung asks as he see Jin set the food and drink beside him on the bench.

"I just don't feel like eating. Anyway, thank you for that" Jin replies, sending both of them his tired smile.

"You aren't well are you? You are warm" Jungkook says as he takes a sit beside Jin and the food.

"A little under the weather I guess" Jin says, trying to shut his eyes back to sleep.

As Jin was about to sleep back, someone grabs his forearm, waking him up again and this time, Taehyung is dragging him towards the table there with Jungkook following close behind, hands with food and drink. There is a place at the hallway of the building that has tables and chairs. A place that the company provide for the trainees to eat and do whatever they want. They usually used it to eat there if they are too lazy to go out.

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