15 - Detain

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“The next time you are late, we are done.”


“Just go to sleep, we had intense practice today. You are tired.” Jin replies completely ignore everything Taehyung said to him.

That words, Taehyung take it as a sign to stop because it is clearly shows that the eldest did not want to do anything about the situation although Taehyung keep pressing him to tell the incident to their managers. So, Taehyung just shut his mouth and stares back at the ceiling for another twenty to thirty minutes before finally his eyes give up.


The first week since the start of their new task, Yoongi and Jin couldn’t come up with anything. The others had come up with everything they got in their head but Jin and Yoongi had nothing. Not even the first word for their self-compose song. They both did try to work with their brain but it just their brain couldn’t come up with anything good.

One day, right after his class, Jin runs extra hard with all his papers and files heading to the studio joining Yoongi for their self compose song because he is really late. And of course being clumsy as ever, he accidentally bump into someone until both of them fall flat on ground making all of his papers and files sprawling everywhere on the ground. Jin didn’t even look at the person who is in front of him, he just keep saying sorry multiples time while his hands are busy collecting all the papers on the ground.

“I’m so sorry” Jin says for the nth time, still collecting the papers.

“It’s okay, I was not looking either, I was playing with my phone” the man says as he helps Jin collecting the papers.

After they are done gathering the papers, finally both of them stands on their own feet and finally Jin sees the man in front of him. Lee Hyun. The company’s only artist. Looking more nervous than before, Jin quickly bowed down saying sorry again for making the man fall.

“Hey it’s okay, I was not hurt. Are you hurt anywhere? You are standing weirdly” Lee Hyun says as he eyes Jin from head to toe.

And Jin of course keep apologizing again. Although Jin didn’t know much about him but this man in front of him is the one who evaluated him and the boys together with the PD for their last evaluation day and because of that he is more nervous than before. Great, now he is in trouble. What if this man in front of him, targeted him for the next next evaluations? What if this incident affects the evaluation result? Yoongi is going to be mad at him if he knows that he fucked up real bad. Not only he makes Lee Hyun fell but he also is the caused of that broken phone screen of Lee Hyun’s.

“Earth to you. I’m asking, are you hurt? You are not standing properly” Lee Hyun says again after being ignore by Jin.

“I’m so sorry for this sir. I will pay for it” Jin replies nervously biting his mouth.

“Your leg doesn’t look good. Are you sure you’re okay?” Lee Hyun asks.

“Let’s go to the hospital to check you leg” Lee Hyun says.

That is not good. The closest hospital from Bighit is where Yulhee is working. If she knows about this, he is so done. Besides, he is already late, late enough from the time he and Yoongi agreed to meet. Yoongi is going to be mad at him for this.

“It’s okay, I just twisted my leg a bit” Jin replies.

“Are you sure? Where are you going in rush?” the man asks.

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