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Jennie PoV

I woke up feeling arms loosely around me. Please be Lisa... please tell me that's my lili. I finally open my eyes to see Lisa, I smile she actually came back. When did she arrive??? What was she doing? Was she drunk?

Lisa didn't smell like she drank. I was cut off my thought when I feel Lisa squeeze me a little rubbing my back

Lisa: hmmmm Jennie

I raise my eyebrow. Is she sleep talking

Jennie: Lisa

I whispered and she didn't seem to flinch. She was smiling. What is she dreaming about? I want to be mad at her but she's dreaming about me so it's going to be hard staying mad at her.

I slowly get out of Lisa bed put Lisa slippers on and I walked down to the kitchen. I see Rose and Jisoo eating breakfast in the kitchen.

Jennie: morning

They both said morning with a small smile

Jisoo: did Lisa come home last night

I nod while taking a piece of toast biting into it.

Jennie: yes but I didn't know when she came in she's still asleep right now.

I say looking them and they just nod there heads.

Rose: well she came back around 4

I looked at Rose with confusion so did Jisoo how can she possibly know.

Jisoo: you was asleep when I went to sleep.

Rose shrugs

Rose: hey I was up for a late night snack

Jisoo: this girl is always thinking about her stomach.

I shake my head.

Jennie: did she tell you what she did last night

Rose nods me and Jisoo just looked at her telling her to say something

Rose: she was at the bar...

Rose picked up her coffee drinking it me and Jisoo wait till she's finished but at the moment she said that,  My stomach felt like it was in knocks. Don't tell me she did something stupid. I was snapped out of my thoughts when Rose spoke again.

Rose: Jennie relax if you let me finish you won't look like that.

Rose says while putting her coffee down. And she told me everything about what Lisa did and I was relieved. I think Momo is my new bias of twice.

Jisoo: thank god Momo was there instead of Tyuzu am I right?,?

Jisoo says bursting into laughter while Rose nudged her. I had my hand on my chest. I'm so happy Lisa didn't do anything that will hurt me.

Rose: so Jen are you mad at Lisa

I shake my head.

Jennie: no but I feel like we need to talk about what she did and I want her to apologise to me.

I think Lisa should apologise I'm not being harsh am I.

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