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Jennie PoV

An hour since Lisa left and I was sat with Rose and Jisoo.... tears running down my face.

Rose: there must be another way jen You can't get married to that sorry excuse of a man

My tears were just flowing off my face all I can think about is Lisa. I was so worried about her and what she could be doing right now.

Jisoo: Rose you should know your boss he's stubborn... probably where Jennie gets it from

Jisoo said most likely without thinking like she normally does so I pushed Jisoo she rubs her arm in response

Jisoo: ouch... I'm sorry

Jennie: I just want Lisa to come here so we can lay down and spend the night together.

I look down playing with my fingers Rose was next to be rubbing my back comforting me and Jisoo was holding a box of tissues for me which I kept on using every 5 minutes, leaving tissues everywhere.

Jisoo: Jennie,  Lisa she will be back, she's just clearing her mind... right Rose??

Jisoo looks at Rose with reassurance...

Rose: Lisa normally does this when she's really mad or needs to think about something she'll be back with a calmer mind, I promise

I can't help but think is she going to cheat on me... my dad says that Lisa was like that and Lisa even said she was a playgirl... so what if she's gone and done something unforgivable and isn't back when I wake up.

I know she can do what she wants she's single right she's not my girlfriend.... who are we fooling here we are practically girlfriends Lisa would never cheat on me. Right?

Rose: she'll be back just take some rest it's getting late and Lisa will be here as soon as you wake up.

It's been 3 hours since Lisa went it's around 2am. Where can she be? Rose insured me to go to sleep and Lisa will be here when I get up, but how can I sleep when Lisa is somewhere and I don't know where.

I'm in Lisa room... checking my phone constantly to see if Lisa texts or rang me but nothing.

What if she's with some girl... drunk... grinding... touching... or maybe worse. I shake my head and try to keep those thought way out of my head. Lisa loves me, Lisa loves me, Lisa loves me.

Lisa might not think she's been out for that long but it's been 3 hours what the hell is she doing. please come back now baby.

I walked into Lisa closet I need to change out of my clothes. I wore one of Lisa's white oversized shirts that landed just above my knees and I had just my underwear on. Her shirt smells like her which makes me feel more relaxed.

It was about 4am and Lisa wasn't back yet. She can't have done the unimaginable right. Not my lili. Her heart belongs to me forever she won't throw that away for some quick hook up.

Before I knew it I was getting really sleepy. I was curled up in Lisa's bed.... alone.

Lisa PoV

It was 2am and I decided to go to the bar. I hate YG and that asshole Kai. He doesn't deserve Jennie. Jennie belongs to me I deserve Jennie. She doesn't even love him. She loves me.

I sit at the bar.

Bartender: what can I get you ma'am

Lisa: can I just get a beer

Bartender: coming up

The bartender opens up my beer and handed it to me. I paid him and he goes to serve the other customers.

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