Dear mom

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Dear mom,

I haven't written to you in a while, so I decided to tell you what's been going on. So here it is.

The last I wrote to you, I was happy with fairy tail.

That was a year ago, when the guild was my family... but... I have a new family. Saber tooth. If your wondering, why did I leave? Well I'll leave that for my story to explain. Well, it all started when Lisanna came back.

"Lisanna?!" Natsu was tearing up at the sight of her. I hadn't seen him cry since Igneel died. I have to admit I was pretty jealous. But it's not like we're in a relationship. God, I don't even like him. It was just the thought of another person replacing me. And in the end, that happened. It turns out fairy tail members are just back stabbing bitches. No matter how hard I tried, no one talked to me, even Levy, though she did seem kinda depressed. Not sure why she of all people decided she hated me. But it doesn't matter they don't have to deal with me now. Cus as I said before. I'm a member of saber tooth. I didn't need there shitty friendship. I couldn't believe that all my friends would turn their back on me cus of one little slut that was supposed to be dead. But I joined team Sting. When Yukino heard about this she was pissed. But Sting and Rogue were infuriated. Though people asked me why I left. But I only told the three closest to me, not wanting to get hurt. I was bullied, torchered and tormented. In the end I left, they humiliated me by saying I was weak and pathetic, so I made it my top priority to get stronger. And I did. I could now summon the celestial king and queen star dress. I'm currently on a mission with Team Sting. But i have no idea where I'm going. We have grown so close so I know I should trust them and I do, but it took them a while to break down my walls. I don't even know what keeps me going anymore. I still most,y act the same except I have gotten stronger emotionally and physically. I have thankfully gotten better at defending myself from others words with snarky comment which is a skill I am quite proud of...

Lucy's POV

"So where are we going."

"I told you a million times already. It's a surprise. And don't worry there is good pay, but you have to promise not to be angry." Sting said slightly concerned and nervous despite his motion sickness, this must be important if he stopped complaining for a while.

"Why would I be angry?" This comment annoyed sting.

"Jesus Christ Lucy. Do you not know what a surprise is?" Rouge said, he obviously knew where we were going and seemed stressed about it. Him too the motion sickness seemed to leave for just enough time for him to say that before going back to his barfy self.

"Hmph. I just would like to know where your taking me so I don't feel like I'm being kidnapped."

"Lucy we're your friends why would we kidnap you?" Yukino replied, I could tell that she was a little offended.

"I don't know? You could be my backstabbing friends in disguise."

"God Lucy, you just never stop, do you?" I could tell Sting wanted me to shut up, but I took my chances.

"Nope." I Said smugly

Sting obviously annoyed that I still wouldn't shut up, Ignored my comment.

"We're here" Lector yelled

"Fro thinks so too!" Added fro.

Lucy got got out of the carriage, only to pause to see some familiar faces.

"Why the hell are you here?" Lucy said dryly

"Hello to you to too" answered lisanna


"Lucy you promised that you wouldn't get mad."

"I NEVER PROMISED YOU ANYTHING"I yelled very annoyed and betrayed.

Sting was taken back by this sudden outburst, but it was only reasonable considering what he'd just done.

"Hey Lisanna! You didn't wait for the group-"

Natsu gave me a death glare. Though there was something off about his eyes. They were foggy. Not filled with compassion as they usually were. But how was I supposed to know. I haven't seen them in 2 years.

" Can me and Luce have a minute?"

"Ya whatever we'll meet you in a few minutes" Grey said his voice as cold as ice.

"Ice for brains." I mumbled

"What did you say?"

"Nothin, go away we're talking"

"You do realize your the one going away" he responded

"Whatever, come on Sting" I could feel Grey's glare on the back of my head as we left.

Later when we were a little further in the forest and out of hearing distance, even for a dragon slayer. Then I started yelling it went along the lines of...

"Lucy, I know your upset, but you really need to get your shit together." Said a voice behind the trees, cutting me off...

"Rouge don't be so hard on her, your the one who broke down crying when you saw Skiadrum"

"S-shut the hell up!" Growled Rouge embarrassed.

"Let's all take a deep breath" Sting said, him being the only responsible one out of the four of them for about ten seconds before Rouge punches him in the stomach.

"Shut your trap. Why don't you go meditate somewhere else."

"Oh so Sting meditates now?" Said an icy voice.

"Yeah, he's got some common sense unlike you." Rouge said

"What's that supposed to mean?" Grey yelled.

"That you don't have common sense, ice for brains."

I snicker hearing this comment coming out of Rouge's mouth.

"We really should get going" Ezra said.
"Ya sure whatever I have better things to do today so can we please get this over with fast..." little did they know what today meant to me...

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