Stark Dawning-Arthur Dayne x Reader

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This is where Bran already knows about Jon's parentage.

Y/D/N= Your Daughter's Name


Bran's POV (Vision)
The decorations were everywhere and colorful, seeming to send everyone into a happy mood. Father stood tall with his siblings; Y/N, Brandon, Lyanna, and Benjen. The crowned prince, Rhaegar watched over everything carefully, as if anything could go wrong.

Y/N whispered to Brandon pointing to Ashara Dayne, "Have Ned dance with her. Father would like that match and he seems to fancy her." She let out a light chuckle before Brandon smiled and walked off to talk to Ashara. Father watched suspiciously as Ashara walked over to Y/N with a bright smile on, causing her violet eyes to glimmer.

She leaned to Y/N, "I'll dance with your brother if you dance with mine." She raised her eyebrows to her and Y/N nodded. Ashara walked to Father and they started to dance as Y/N and Ser Arthur Dayne started theirs as well. Soon Ashara's deal was done with Father but Y/N seemed to want to continue to dance with the same knight of the Kingsguard.

Ashara watched on and as did Prince Rhaegar, both smiling at the joyful expression on Arthur's face. The expression was copied onto Y/N's face and Lyanna was smiled to them as well. Brandon and Benjen didn't seem to notice but Father watched carefully. He always seemed attached and protective of her, is this why?

Taking steps closer to their dancing bodies made their conversation clearer to understand. They swung around the dance floor laughing and talking back and forth, seeming not to stop. The topics went from Winterfell to Dorne to Rhaegar to Lyanna and on and on, it would continue to change and evolve into something different.

At one point, Y/N described how Father has always been in awe of his skills with his double swords and how he thought of him as a good man. He only smiled but replied sweetly and complimented Y/N's 'gorgeous dress and stunning personality.' Y/N blushed and Arthur smiled at her genuinely.

The Mad King soon arrived and crashed the tourney, sending the two of them away from each other to the places they were supposed to be instead of only dancing with each other for all the festivities. Throughout the rest of the tourney, they continued to make eye contact, smiling.


Father and Howland Reed rode up to the Tower of Joy and the same scene played out as when I learned about Jon but when Father asked where his sister was, I could see a twitch in Arthur's eyes this time. They fight once again, Father's men one by one being killed along with the other knight with Arthur. Howland stabbed Arthur through the neck and he fell to the ground. This time, I realized that he said something.

Arthur looked up to the tower sadly and quietly choked out a name. "Y/N." Father cut him down and he collapsed to the ground, blood oozing out of his neck and mouth.

Father hesitated before the scream came from the tower and he ran up the steps two at a time, breathing heavily the entire way up. The first floor he got too had Lyanna covered in blood from it and he held Jon for the first time, tears flooding his eyes and overflowing onto his cheeks. I pass this off and try to leave the vision because I've seen it before, but it slightly changes and doesn't let me leave yet. After the life left Lyanna, he backed away slowly, sobbing before heading upstairs with a crying Jon in his arms. The second floor had the sibling he was closest to in it, Y/N.

"Is Lyanna okay?" Y/N's eyes went slowly from Father to Jon, trying to be optimistic that everything would be fine. All Father could do was shake his head before placing Jon on the bed next to Y/N. She sighed and seemed to sink deeper into her bed and blood-soaked covers.

"Not you too, Y/N. Please." His voice came out with a whimper on the last word as he kneeled by her side as he did for Lyanna. This time it seemed different though. Father was breaking much faster and harder than he did on the first floor.

Father watched his sister and looked up at another child. "You and Lyanna both." He tried to smile down at her but it turned into him gritting his teeth.

"I want to go back home, Ned." She muttered, she wasn't crying though. She had a calm expression which seemed to make Father frightened. Before he could tell her anything, she continued, "Is Arthur okay?" The look she gave him asking about Lyanna came back but more extreme now. Father's eyes widened and shook his head slowly. She nodded slowly like she didn't comprehend that Arthur was gone.

She looked up to the child in the maid's arms and then to Jon, "Raise her as your own. You're the only one I trust with that, Ned. Please." Her voice seemed slowed and tired. "We decided to name her Y/D/N Dayne." She smiled sadly up to Y/D/N and I could feel my eyes widen. She married Arthur and they had Y/D/N. "Raise them as twins. Lyanna and I would've done that." Tears began to flow down her cheeks, but she spoke as if she wasn't dying.

Father's tears flow harder and they increase, "I need you with me, Y/N. I can't handle this alone and Benjen's too young for me to turn to."

Y/N's eyes began to flutter. "You can. You must." She smiled as her eyes closed and held Father's arm. "I am going to join Lyanna and Brandon and Arthur now. I love you, Ned" Her chest rose up and down softly until there was no more movement throughout her whole body any longer.

"I love you too, Y/N." He sobbed out her name before picking Y/N up to hug her limp body, her lips still formed into a soft smile, as if she saw Arthur on the other side and they were dancing like they did when they fell in love.


Third Person POV
Bran held on to his wheelchair, trying to realize how to tell this to his siblings. He sighed and watched the snow come down outside. He visualized how he would think Y/D/N would react. She wasn't a Snow. She's a Dayne.

He rolled out of his room and down the hallway to Y/D/N's chambers. He knocked on the door and she opened it. He could see the resemblance to Arthur and Y/N in her eyes and smile to him. Her smile faded while she tried to calculate his facial expression. "What's wrong, Bran?" Even her voice sounded like Y/N.

"There is something I need to tell you."

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