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Two guards drug Aiya alongside them, the two others watching their surroundings as Filgeth followed behind them. His staff tapped against the earth with each step that he took, and every time that Aiya attempted to pull away from the guards he would give her a stern look; a look that even the underworld deity would crawl away in fear from.

She twisted her head around in the direction that she was being to drug in to see a sight that absolutely terrified her; she saw a lake ahead of her. What were they going to do? Were they going... to drown her?

She looked up in realization, her lips parting in surprise. "You're trying to murder the royal families." She said.

"Murder is such a hard word. I prefer to simply that I am permanently eliminating those who stand in our way." Filgeth said, a sly smile lining his lips.

"Why?" She asked, her jaw quivering.

"Look, it's not my plan." He said. "It's Lord Maire's plan, and I am certainly not going to tell you. I'm no fool, princess. I've known too many good men who've given away their plans before they killed off their target, and the target always gets away. I'm not making that mistake." He said, confidence shattering through his face.

"It's not like I've got anybody who is going to save me." She said.

He laughed curtly, "You're a princess. Practically everybody would try and save you if they knew. And besides, I'm sure your husband would want to save you as well."

"He's not my husband," She said.

He laughed dryly, "You don't say?"  Rolling his eyes, he continued, "I've already taken care of him for the most part. At least in the sense of keeping him away from you."

She looked up, panic setting in. "What did you do?"

"Now, there is a question I can answer!" He said as if he were happy about it. "Back at Ruune I placed an incantation on him that would draw him away from you. Granted, there was something rather odd about him that made me believe that the spell wouldn't work, but it seems that it had. I made him feel the urge that he had to leave you." He said. "Though, it was strange--something that I have never seen before. The incantation changed his entire mind and thought patterns, not just giving him the urge to leave. It was something that I have honestly never seen before, but it gave me great pleasure in seeing it pain him in the process."

"What are you talking about?" Aiya looked up in horror.

"You see, he had a wound on his side. Incantations that change thought patters are received by it going into the eyes. But, if the subject has any sort of open wound the incantation is often drawn towards it rather than the eyes. When received through an open wound, the incantation is often short-lived and does some odd things. It can change thought patterns and make the subject think that whatever it is I tell them to do is what they thought of. Magic is truly strange, and I often even don't understand it."

"You mean he left because of you?"

He laughed curtly, again. "Of course. Did you honestly think that he would leave on his own? He's a man of his word, I know them when I see them. It would take a lot more than a measly argument to break the word of that man." He looked down in thought. "Now that I think of it, the spell should be wearing off rather soon. We best be getting this half of the plan executed quickly." He chuckled at his own play on words.

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