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"When it's after 2am you go to sleep, because the decisions you make after 2am are the wrong decisions."

Ted Mosby, HIMYM


P.O.V Rose Elizabeth

Harry was right when he told me I would have a hell of a long night. I never thought Harry could be so cruel to do something like that to me, but apparently he can. Trying to forgive his actions, I just thought that I deserved the punishment he gave me, even though no one deserves that punishment. But I was ready to do anything in order to earn Harry's forgiveness, I just thought it would be easier.

When Harry and I made the deal, the first think he did was calling someone I didn't recognize and, after twenty minutes, that person arrived. And in that moment, I couldn't determine if I was relieved or not, but I knew it could be way worse.

Apparently, Harry had called Zayn to keep an eye on me the whole night. I was curious about why would I need to be watched during the night. But when Harry explained me the reason I felt like going to Brooklyn Bridge and jump out of it to the river.

Being immature and mean, Harry made me stay in that traumatizing place for the rest of the night. At 6 a.m Zayn would take me to Harry's house and it would be that simple. But it wasn't, I spent the whole night sitting on the floor I used to occupy ten years ago.

Harry left as soon as Zayn arrived and I tried to be strong and ignore my sadness, but it was an hard task. And I knew Zayn noticed my tears at some point. Gladly, he didn't say anything about it. He jus stood there, looking at me a little bit uncomfortable. Obviously, he would prefer be doing anything else, so I felt sorry for him. It wasn't his fault Harry was like that. When I apologized to him, he just shrugged and told me that was Harry's fault. I noticed he was a bit uneasy while talking about Harry, which surprised me. Weren't they great friends?

Zayn and I started talking a lot about random things and it made the situation a little less terrible, which I was glad for. I couldn't fall asleep and neither could he, so we choose to talk and ignore the unfortunate circumstance Harry provided us.

Eventually, the sun started raising and it was suddenly 6 a.m. Zayn took me 'home' and I thanked him for his company. I'm pretty sure that night would be way worse if it wasn't for Zayn. I would probably just sit there crying hysterically remembering the tragic situations that took place in that exact street.

Harry was purely evil, which made me mad. I wondered for a long time if it was really worth to sacrifice my well being for Harry's forgiveness. But I really wanted it and I still want it. That's why I've been doing everything he commands me to do without hesitation, even though his requests sometimes are cruel and unnecessary.

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