{g.d} insecure

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You sigh.

You were looking at yourself in the mirror. Pinching at the parts you hated most. You look to your magazine you had thrown into the bathroom counter.

Models filled the pages with their perfect faces and bodies.

You had acne, bad acne. It covered your face and back. However your boyfriend Grayson loved you and thought you were beautiful.

However you never saw that.

Suddenly a knock scared you out of your thoughts. It was Grayson.

"Ugh just wait a sec Gray"

"Okay babe, I got you maccas!" He says, pretending to be a sassy Girl.

You giggle. You quickly wipe your mascara that was fallen under your eyes from crying and put your clothes back on.

"Hey beautif-" he looked into your eyes. Seeing how red they were he questioned you.

"Babe are you ok? What happened?"

You broke down.

"I will never be the models in the magazine's! I look so fat and ugly and just garbage everyday. Even with makeup!"

You cry out to him.

He comes up to you and hugs you close. You cry into his chest.

"I'm not good enough Gray."

With those words Gray began to cry.

"Y/n I don't know why your thinking this because I see the most beautiful person right In front of me."

"Y-you do?" You question thinking he's joking.

"Yes I do babe. I love all of your flaws. No one's perfect, but in my eyes you are. Your better than paintings, brighter than the lights of New York City and your my other half. You acne may define you, but so does your smile, your hair, your body." He winks.

He wipes away your tear stained cheeks and you smile.

"Thank you Gray, I love you."

"I love you too baby girl."

You kiss.

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