Chapter one

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I walked into my cabin, a nice Purple and orange castle like structure, Welcomed by an owl that flew in through a open window. The brown Barn owl held a Parcel in its Talons, as as soon as I walked up to him, It dropped it onto my hand.

My name is Spotted Thunder, I have long Brown hair and a Greek goddess crown. I have a Dragon named Gale. He's a Purple wind Dragon with Two pairs of wings and Aqua under scales.

I walked into my dorm, Which I share with Skinny fish, Friendly Storm, Green ring and my cousin, Fearless Dragon. She has long blonde hair and she has a light fury named Pelus.

Looking at the return Address,it was from Zeus, God of lightning and my dad. I opened The parcel and what was he thinking?

Picture this: a Sparrow size bird, Frozen in ice. No, not the ones that melt.

I didn't get this. Why on earth would a god who I proved my power twice in a battle would send me something that makes no sense?

As i sat there on my bunk bed, clueless of what to think, I heard Karios roar in the distance. Dinner. I was starving so i ran to the dining hall

During dinner I told my best Friend Speedy about the gift. Speedy has gray hair like his dad, Aaron catfish and orange glasses.

"There's no meaning to it" I said to him.

"I think he wants you to know something, like the element of ice taking over?" Speedy suggested.

Its true, that could be it.

Oh father, what are you trying to tell me?

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