the one with an unexpected conversation

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Felix sat down across from Mrs. Seo at the kitchen table. She offered him tea, which he gratefully accepted, and they began to talk.

"First thing's first," she said, "When I went to the store I bought you this. You're gonna need it. I can teach you how to use it if you'd like." She slid a small bottle of concealer across the table.

He was confused. "What's this for?"

"Baby, have you looked in a mirror? You look like you've got leprosy or something," she said, trying not to laugh as he began to blush, realising what she meant and why he'd need the makeup.

Felix thanked her and said he'd take her up on her offer later, because he had no idea how to use makeup. "For now, though, what was it you wanted to talk to me about? If there was something else—"

"There was." Her expression remained soft, but turned serious. "You know Changbin. He's shy, and he has trouble expressing his emotions, but you already know that. What I'm trying to say is... whatever's going on with you two, I want it to work out well for you both. It's going to be difficult; love always is. The most important thing is that you two can communicate and be honest with each other. If there's a problem, you need to work it out, and quickly, because I know both of you and you're both the type to internalise any issue or argument." She laughed slightly as she explained, "I know he's been especially afraid of love lately because of his dad leaving, so please be gentle with him. He really does care about you, he's just wary of being close to people because he doesn't want to lose them. You're actually the only one of Bin's friends who knows about his dad walking out."

"If you don't mind me asking..." Felix hesitated. "Why did he leave?"

"Oh, hon, don't feel bad for asking. You deserve to know; you're a part of this family. He left for a few reasons. He's been seeing a woman named Roseanne from Canada for the past two and a half years. I knew, but I wanted our family to stay together as long as we could. Then found out Changbin's not exactly as straight as a ruler, and he wanted us to move away so our baby Bin couldn't see you anymore. I refused to leave, and I suppose that was the last straw for him."

Felix's eyes welled with tears. "I'm so sorry. I know it was really hard on Chaeng. Speaking of which, I haven't seen her in a while. Is she okay?"

"She's alright," Mrs. Seo reassured him, "She was really struggling to adjust to being at home without her dad here, so we're letting her stay at Mina's for a while. She still calls every night, though."

Felix smiled. "You seem to be taking this really well. Is that real, or has this been a struggle for you?"

"It's been a bit difficult," she admitted, "But I'm being everything I need to be for my family, and that's enough. They're what matters to me."

"If you ever need anything, we're just down the street. Changbin has a spare key."

Mrs. Seo patted his hand with tears in her eyes. "You're a good kid, Felix. And I'm meeting up with your mom for coffee tomorrow afternoon. You and Changbin should join us!" Her smile shone in the evening light.

"That sounds great. Speaking of my mom, I should probably cover these up before I get home," he laughed, pointing at his neck. "Are you still willing to teach me?"

"Of course, honey," Mrs. Seo chuckled.

"Thank you for everything," Felix whispered.

"Anything for my future son-in-law."

Felix squeaked and they both heard Changbin laughing from just around the corner.

With a forced frown, Felix shouted, "Come here, Trashbin! If you wanted to talk to us, you could've just asked to join our conversation." Mrs. Seo cut him off quickly.

"I would've said no. Love you Changbin!"
Everyone broke out into laughter. For the first time since his dad left, Changbin felt at home again.

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