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I was looking for food when I came home.

Navigating through the mess in Michael's kitchen turned out to be a rather difficult task, yet I somehow managed to get through to the lower cupboards. When I opened them I wasn't met with the delightful sight of food, though; instead I was greeted by all sorts of alcohol. From wine and whisky to some old and dusty bottles, Michael had it all.

Great, he wasn't just a messy loner but also an alcoholic.

I heard the front door being opened and quickly closed the cupboard. I wasn't supposed to know about his preference for alcohol, and he didn't have to be aware of me sneaking around.

When Michael appeared in the doorframe, he froze and looked at me with a surprised expression that vanished almost as quickly as it had appeared.

"Kiri. Hi," he greeted. "I'm still not used to living with someone else, sorry."

"Don't get used to it. I'll be out here again in no time," I replied and leaned against a counter, casually crossing my arms. I didn't have anything to hide, something that couldn't be said about my father.

He yawned as he sat down at the table, and I used the brief moment where his eyes were closed to take in his unkempt appearance.

"How was work?" I asked to strike up a conversation.

"It's work," he replied with a shrug, not staying on the topic for long. "How was your first day? Are the others nice?"

I narrowed my eyes at the sudden carefulness that had entered his tone.

"They're heartwarming," I said and he visibly relaxed. Wow, rude. As if anyone would ever dare to bully me.

Michael yawned again and leaned back in his chair, and the silence that was threatening to take over felt rather uncomfortable.

"Hungry? I could make dinner," I offered. Michael's expression lightened up a little at my words.

"You could?"

Yeah, but did I want to?

"I wouldn't mind. You could take a nap or something," I shrugged.

If Michael had to let me stay here for so long, I should at least be a good guest. There was also the faintest hint of pity in my chest, something I wasn't feeling very often.

The man stood up and shot me a weak smile. "Thanks, Kiri."

"It's alright. I already know I'm awesome," I said.

"You might need to pop by the store," Michael took out his wallet and peeked inside it. "Take this."

He handed me a few banknotes that I gladly took. I had already expected to leave the house and buy some ingredients so I could actually cook something, and I was glad to see that I wouldn't have to pay for the stuff myself.

After all, I still was just a broke city boy.

Michael shot me another smile before leaving the kitchen and disappearing in his room. I didn't move for another second, taking in the silence of the now rather empty kitchen.

Then I put my shoes back on and left the house, checking the time as I did. It wasn't even five yet, the day was still young and I had plenty of time. Now I just had to find a store – or the one, considering the size of this town.

Google Maps was as helpful as always and it wasn't long after I found myself in front of a cute little village shop. I held the door open for an old couple that was just leaving when I was about to enter, and they shot me a friendly smile.

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