Chapter 20

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I walked into the woods as the gravel crunched under my boots patted with dried leaves with a scent of fresh soil and stream of water. I paused at my tracks glancing at the Captain waiting by the tree.

"Why did you call me?" I spoke before she could speak.

"I called you because I want to apologize what I said last week. I lost my temper, that I never knew you would know this." She spoke.

"Really? I find it hard to believe that my Captain- Oh wait you're not my captain anymore because she's a cold blooded murderer." I mocked as she sighed.

"I retire from work because there are many dangered people have been missing. And we're bringing them back to the dead. For now we're targeting Blad's creatures to kill them and build an ally to defeat him.

"We created this society for the safety of our people. Yes I mentioned the cults you're solving wasn't a lie. They force me getting back on the team and I refuse. Because they're planning to kill a mortal under Blads control and they couldn't solve it how. And they're abusing the power too much it will terrorize our country... worse the earth."

"Why didn't you tell me this in the first place? This is confusing and you're telling me this now. And you're not protecting but damaging and terrorizing the town!" I snapped.

"What about the criminals?"

"They're under control by the dominion and turning them. Because Blad is creating another puppet but worse.. That's what we're preparing for his army. And at the party... They're controlling me. Believe me I didn't know! It was month ago.

"I want to protect my town and I realized I wasn't. I faced the consequences and my mistakes and learned their group. I was at the mission one time to join them to know what they're doing. And for that... I gave in and joined them." She breathes out.

I knit my eyebrows on deep thought. "What about Professor John? He talked to me yesterday about it."

"Don't fall for that old man's tongue. He's discreet and manipulate you. He doesn't care about himself and he's disloyal. Same with Hans." She confuted.

"I can't catch them, now that they kicked me out and stabbed me. But more importantly.." She grip into my hands looking into my eyes.

"I believe you can do this. I'll help you save the world and end hell. What I learned about them is they're exploring the Beneath. You have to find ten stones, go to the bridge and perform the spell to stop it. And Blad is here lurking and he's not going to stop." She warned.

"...What!? How? And this better not be a trick!"

"No! They've planned it when they caught me. Its a ritual to end Blad. And the Beneath is a dangerous place. It is not meant to be tempered or lived with. I can't do it since I have no power and knowledge the cults taken advantage at me." She continue.

My mind began processing as I breathe in annoyance as stress increases. "Fine."

I went back to the campus and brought out my guitar for band practice. One my band mates were talking wildly as I walked in. And they screamed rushing towards me.

"Jesus. What-"

"OUT ALBUM HIT MILLION VIEWS! THEY LOVED OUR PERFORMANCE AND OUR MUSIC." Justine howled into my ear. My mouth slowly stretched into a smile.

"Holy snitch really!? But how! We just published it last week!"

"MIRACLE HAPPENS! And our director was thrilled, we're going to be on T.V. interview and were going on tour!" She swirled hugging me up and down as I was stunned in emotion with a stupid smile on my face.

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