Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Steffanie woke up with the most Amazing feeling that she had. She just woke up beside Gareth, inside his arms. Last night was one of the best nights that she had. Still, they were fully clothed. After the festival, they just went back to his suite and continued their talk.  When they both feel that they needed to retire, they just slept inside each other’s embrace.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” bati nito sa kanya.

Gising na pala ito. His smiling face had melted heart. He looked insanely gorgeous. Walang binabat ang mga kasamahan niya male model dito.

“You’re eyes are smoky, sweetheart. What are you thinking?”

“I am thinking of how gorgeous you are in the morning,” she frankly said.

His smiled turned into laughter.

“You are so naughty, sweetheart. Very, very naughty in the morning.”

His lips then ascended to hers and gave her a sweet and chaste kiss, but she wanted more. She can no longer ignore the eerie of sexual desire emanating from both of them. He was just too sexy to ignore. In fact, it felt as if he was emanating this pheromone to her.

She gave his a full kiss in the mouth. It was inviting, it was wild and it was mind-blowing.

Their tongues locked together as they swirl around this vortex of morning pleasure.

“Sweetheart,” he pleaded when they both took a breath.

“I want you Gareth. And I know you want me to.”

Napapikit ito. “Fvck!”

Then all of a sudden he flipped her. He was now on top of her, melting her every bones with his smoky stare.

Lust was written all over his face.

“I was planning to celibate myself, but you aren’t just helping me, sweetheart.” There was a glint of naughtiness in his voice.

She touched his face with her hands, tracing its contour.

“Take me Gareth. I want you inside me.”

She then looked in his eyes. His amber eyes said it all.  Behind the desire, behind the lust, she saw a flicker of hope. She knew that he still cared for her. That the love that he had for her five years ago didn’t disappear.

She was suddenly put in a dilemma. Would she dare trust him once more? She had been hurt several times already? Was she ready to risk it all? Could her heart handle it?

“Take me, Gareth. Take all of me.” And that was her answer. She’ll gamble everything just to have a chance with him. For Kylie, for her family and mostly, for herself.

They immediately discarded all articles of their clothing until they were both naked.

He began to kiss her tenderly, his fingers were doing wonders on the center of her femininity.

She felt the pool of molten lava in her womb began to stir. He inserted two digits. It made her moan in ecstasy. She was writhing under him, completely submitting in this mindboggling experience.

“ What do you love about me, Gareth?” she managed to still utter coherent words.

“I love how you moan. I love the sound of your voice.” He said as his mouth found one of her peaks.

Napaigtad siya sa ginawa nito. Nodes of electric sensation were now running amok inside her body.

“What about you, sweetheart? Do you love it when I am doing this you?”

She gasped as he rubbed the head of his cock on her clit. It created an arousing friction that catapulted her to Nirvana.

“Yes, Gareth. I love that. I love every bit of it.”

He then began to penetrate her deeply. Her insides clenched his entirety tightly. She felt an overwhelming flood of emotions as he slowly thrust himself in and out of her.

It was glorious. It was gratifying. It was something beyond compare.

Bigla siya nitong binuhat. Their bodies were still attached in the most intimate way. He carried her with brute strength, his cock impaling her to the hilt.

She screamed of pleasure. Her mind was now in the state of pure wanton bliss. She was trapped inside this hurricane of free flowing sensations.

He stood up. Her legs were snaked around his hips. Nakayakap siya dito.

“Looked at me, sweetheart,” he said.

And look she did. The flare of fiery desire greeted her innocent stare.

He began to kiss her. His arms were strongly supporting all of her weight as he dived deeply into her.

“You’re eyes, sweetheart. It emanating with blue flames.”

She was incoherent already as he changed the angle of his penetration. Naninikip na ang dibdib niya sa nadarama. Their desire was burning them, completely rendering her into a sweet surrender.

Then, in one straddling thrust, she came. She felt the pool of her feminine essence erupt.

He laid her back in his bed, this time, itinaas nito ang isa niyang paa. Nilagyan din niya ang unan ang kanyang likuran. It somehow created a perfect angle for him to completely imbed himself.

Nakita niya ang pagtagiktik ng pawis nito.

“You feel so good, sweetheart. You feel so sweet.”

His movement was slow, as if savouring the precious moments that they were together. Kaiba ito sa mga nauna nilang love making.

This time, it was extra special. The urgency was gone. The roughness was replaced by gentle but powerful thrust.

She felt his care for her as made love to her. He felt his desire to make her feel good. He made her feel as if she was a princess being pampered his prince.

“I’m coming sweetheart, I am coming!” he shouted.

He began kneading he rich bosoms. The friction on her velvety folds began to be in synch with the rhythm of his touch.

She could help herself to cry out.

“More! More!” she said as her eyes fell shut.

Sinalubong na niya ang mga pag-ulos nito.

She bucked under him. Her second release was now triggered. He started to pump deeper and deeper as she felt her cum dripped from her genitals.

“I love you, Steff. I love all of you. All of this,” and in one brave thrust, he finally reached his climax. She immediately felt his potent seeds as it flowed inside her.

Humihingal itong tumabi sa kanya.

“I love you as well, Gareth,” sinabi niya dito.

He gave her a smile that could stop even the most furious storm.

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