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Chapter 34 - Tears and Smiles

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Steffanie was now standing face to face to the man than she hated and loved at the same time. Kadarating lang niya sa Asphodel kasama si Tristan. She immediately went to see him.

"Glad to see you here," he said. But his tone of voice was far from being glad. He sounded so serious and his stare was piercing right through her being.

"A pleasure to serve His Highness and the people of Asphodel," she gave a courtesy bow.

"Please sit down, sweetheart."

Napapikit siya. That endearment again. It brought so much hurt that she opted to just completely shut her mind.

Umupo siya sa sofa ng opisina nito.

Complete silence engulfed the whole place.

She just waited for him as he sorted some papers in desk.

"Again, sweetheart. Salamat at pinagbigyan mo ang hiling naming dito Asphodel."

As if she had a choice. He already used his Royal Decree to tie her down in this project. And for what? Para saktan siya ng paulit-ulit?

"You'll find this job quite lucrative. Hindi mo ito pagsisihan."

But contrary to that, ngayon pa lang ay nagsisisi na siya. The mere presence of this man brought pain in her heart. As of now, she just wanted to finish everything. The faster she could get this over with, the better. Ayaw na niyang makasalamuha man lang si Gareth.

Umupo ito sa harap niya. May inabot itong isang folder. Enclosed there were two different checks, both of which were under her name.

Sinuri niya itong maigi. The first check was worth one hundred fifty million, while the other was one hundred million.

What was this? Ayon sa kanilang kontrata. Her talent fee will just be fifty million. Anong ibig sabihin nito?

Marahil ay nabasa nito ang pagtataka sa kanyang mukha.

"I've decided to double your pay for this project. This way, well be sure that you'll finish this project. The other check, it's your advance payment on the service that you'll provide in my bed."

Napapakit siya. Mayroong bikig na sa kanyang lalamunan. A sob was now threatening come out.

How can he think the worst of her? His words were enough to completely crush her heart.

Gusto niyang isampal ditto ang hawak na cheke. Gusto niyang ipamukha dito na mali ito sa iniisip nito sa kanya, that she was not a whore.

But what's the use? She very well knew that Gareth had already made up its mind regarding her. For him, she was nothing more but a good for nothing, gold digging slut.

She took in a heavy sigh. She needed to show him that she was not affected, kahit na nga ba parang pinipiga na ang puso niya sa sobrang sakit.

She raised her chin. She will not let him hurt her anymore. If he thinks that she's a whore, then so be it.

"There's no need for you to be this overly generous. If you want a partner in bed, then okay. Fine by me. Kagaya nga noong huling napag-usapin natin. I call the shots here. We'll fuck when I fell like fucking. Very simple."

Nakita niya ang pagtatagis ng bagang nito. His face became harder. He was angry now.

Lalo lamang lumakas ang kanyang loob. She grabbed all of the checks.

"But if you'll insist, sino ba naman ako para tumanggi? I have a daughter to raise and being a single parent is very costly."

Isinilid niya ang mga tseke sa kanyang bag. She immediately stood. Mahirap na, baka ipagkanulo na naman siya ng kanyang damdamin. Kanina pa kasi nagbabadyang pumatak ang kanyang mga luha.

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