Chapter 9.2

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Gareth woke up with a sense of completion. He looked at the woman beside him. Steffanie was looking like a beautiful ancient goddess.

Her hair was a little bit dishevelled, but it didn’t mar her beauty. Her skin was illuminating like an alabaster.

Napaupo siya. Last night was another one of his stupid move. He let his dick control his mind. He let his sexual desires overrode him.

He was so jealous of Tristan that he just blacked out. One thing lead to another. So here they were again, sharing another undiluted night together.

But the thing was, he realized something last night.

No matter how he tried to deny it to himself. No matter how hard he tried to conceal it. His heart was just simply shouting her name.

He still cared for her. He still wanted her like no other. And another gruesome revelation, he still loved her.

There were so many questions lurking in his mind. All of those were unanswered.

Naputol ang pagmumuni-muni niya nang marinig ang pagsigaw ni Steff sa kanyang tabi.

Gumapang ang kaba sa kanyang dibdib. It was not a shout of shock it was a shout of pain.

“Ahhhhh!!!!!!” she shouted.

He immediately enveloped her in his arms.

“Shhh… I am here, sweetheart. I am here.”

But she didn’t answer him. She was just still in her hysterics.

Naninikip ang didbid niya sa nakikitang ayos nito.

“Tell me what’s wrong, sweetheart.”

“My eyes Gareth! It hurts so much!”

He immediately went to her dresser and grabbed some clothes to her. Mabilis niya itong dinaminatan. He grabbed his own clothes as well. Agad niya itong sinugod sa kanyang personal na clinic.

Panic and worry flooded his being as he deposited her in the surgical bed.

Mabilis niyang inayos ang lahat ng mga kagamitan doon.

He immediately instructed one of the court ladies to fetch his team.

Several hours had passed since Steff felt that excruciating pain in her eyes. Maayos na siya ngayon. She could finally see again. But the quality of her vision had diminished again.

She was now lying on the surgical bed at Gareth’s clinic. Thanks to him and to his group of doctors they were able to somehow treat her.

“How are you feeling, sweetheart?” Gareth asked.

Nahihiya niya itong tiningnan.

“I am sorry for the trouble,” she said apologetically. Ngayong araw kasi dapat ang simula ng photoshoot nila. But it was unfortunately cancelled because of her.

“What are you sorry for?” he just blankly said.

“The photo shoot was cancelled because of me…” she silently said, still not being able to look at him in the eyes.

Bumuntong hininga ito. “Don’t worry about trivial things anymore.”

“How can I not worry! Ito ang unang pagkakataong nangyari sa akin to. I am not like this. I am never late in a fashion show. I don’t cancel photo shoots. Ayaw kong masayang ang effort ng mga taong naghanda,” she said in hysterics.

He held her hand tightly.

“Shhh… calm down sweetheart. Ako ang bahala. As the Viceroy of Asphodel, I’ll say it’s okay. As you doctor, I’ll say not to worry about it. Make sure na magpagaling ka lamang.”

She nodded to him.

Muli siya nitong sinuri. He held a flashlight in his right hand as he examined both of her eyes. He noted something in his clip board.

“Tell me, Gareth. What’s wrong with me?”

He could see the hesitation in his eye.

“You can tell me anything. I would appreciate it more. At least, I could prepare myself for the worst.”

“One of the nerves connecting to your retina burst.” He said.

“So, it’s just a matter of time for me right?” she said with a smiling face.

“Not if we can do anything about it.”

Gareth couldn’t bear the sorrow and loneliness in her eyes as he delivered the bad news to her. She was smiling all right but didn’t just reach her eyes.

“Our team is developing something to cure your disease Steff and we are making some progress,” he didn’t want to get her hopes up, but he still cannot help himself to give hope to her. Iyon ang trabaho niya bilang doktor, to give hope. But it was more to it pagdating kay Steff, he just didn’t want to see her that way.

“Thank you Gareth, but I already accepted everything. Simula pagkabata ay sakit ko na ito. Alam kong masakit, but I just have to accept my fate.”

 He balled his fist in frustration.

“How can you give up just like that?!” he said.

But despite his tone, her smile didn’t left her beautiful face.

“Gareth, all those years, my life is in a total darkness. I was born with this. I am legally blind. For quite some time, I was able to see the world. To see the colors. To see its beauty.”

“This was also the reason why I became a painter. Alam kong tuluyan na akong mabubulag, na pahiram lang sa akin ang mga sandaling ito. I want to memorize every color. I want to memorize every lines and contours of those people that I love. So that when the darkness will take me back. I’ll have all of those beauty stored in my mind.”

How can she be so positive? His heart was breaking at her words. He suddenly want to get back in his lab to develop a fucking cure for her?

“Steff,” he said. May kaunting bara sa kanyang lalamunaan.

“I will develop a cure for you.”

Tumingin ito sa kanya.

“Don’t develop a cure for me. Develop that for the others as well.”

He held her tightly. He nodded at her.

“Just give me your faith in this one, trust me.”

Her eyes suddenly went from hopeful to sadness. He saw her hesitation.

“I’ll find a cure for this disease. Please, just trust me on this one.”

Unti-unting nagliwanag ang mukha nito. Then there it was, the smile that he had missed. He felt his whole world lightened.

She nodded at him.

“Sure, but on one condition.”

“Anything, sweetheart. Kahit ano basta magtiwala ka lamang sa akin.”

“I want you forgive me for whatever I’ve done in the past. I never meant to hurt you, Gareth.”

He suddenly remembered all of her lies and treachery. He felt his chest tightened. Was he prepared to completely let everything go?

He just nodded at her.

“We’ll start anew, sweetheart,” he didn’t had to think. The words just went out of his mouth automatically.

“Thank you, Gareth.”

Tumayo na siya para bumalik sa kanyang laboratory. He still had some testings to conduct.

He was about to leave when she called her once more.

“Doctor Gareth.”

“Yes?” he was surprised. It was the first time that she addressed him as doctor. Somehow, he felt proud.

“I always knew that you will be a great doctor,” she said with a very sweet smile on her face. And with that, he was sure that he had completely let go of the past.


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