Chapter 9.1

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Steffanie had just taken a bath. Kasalukuyan siyang nagpapatuyo ng buhok sa kanyang suite. Gareth had prepared her a suite suited for diplomats. Napakalaki niyon. It had its own living room and kitchen.

She was trying to appreciate the place when she saw the small velvet box that she brought along with her.

She grabbed and opened the box.

It was the complete set of the Sirius Gems; the necklace that Gareth had given to her, the earrings from the Queen Dowager, and the ring that Gareth had offered to her during his proposal.

Dinala niya ito para tuluyan na niyang ibaon sa limot ang nakaraan. She finally decided to give it all back to him. Nakatulong ito nang husto sa kanya. But for her to completely rid of everything in past, she should give up on everything that reminded her of it.

Isang malaking bahagi ito ng kanyang buhay. Ito ang makakapagpatunay na minsan siyang nagmahal at minahal. And now, it’s time to let go.

Isang katok ang nagpabalik sa kanya sa kasalukuyan.

Agad naman niyang pinagbuksan ang pinto. It was Gareth, he stood dangerously in her door jamb. He looked like a predator who was hunting for his prey. And when he saw her, it was as if her already found his victim for tonight.

“Where’s Tristan?” agad na tanong nito.

She was frozen in her tracks, her eyes were on him. He reeked of alcohol. And his eyes, it emanated scorching hot desire.

Napalunok siya. “I don’t know.”

“Don’t play coy with me, sweetheart. Where. Is. He.” He said those words silently but the danger in his words were evident.

“I am not, I just here all alone,” she spoke those words in her most sensual tone.

The sexual tension between them was overwhelming. She saw his Adams apple moved up in the down.

They both stare at each other, and on one swift moment, he kissed her hard on the mouth. He cupped her face while giving her a hot wet kiss.

They immediately went inside her room, their lips were still interlocked with each other.

She moaned in excitement as she kissed him back. He tasted of whisky and tobacco, but she didn’t mind. It just made her hotter and more sensitive.

 He immediately dragged her to her bed. He pinned her down to the bed.

“Tell me you want me, Gareth,” she said.

Call her crazy or whatever, but she was now in a state of delirium. The only that mattered was this man and him alone.

She heard him grunt. He just remained standing in front of her, smolodering her body with his hot and scorching stare.

She suddenly felt her inner vixen take over. Dahan-dahan niyang tinanggal ang kanyang roba. She was just wearing her panties underneath. Nakita niya ang panlalaki ng mga mata nito. It inflamed her lust more.

She stood up. Her eyes were focus only to Gareth.

He began to massage her own breast. Moaning and whimpering while she imagined his hands groping her feminine globe. She pinched one nipple and turned the other. It was a glorious feeling and she wanted it to show to him.

Walang kibo pa rin itong nakatitig sa kanya.

She finally removed the remainder of her clothes. She was now completely naked as she approached him.

Their eyes met. His amber eyes emanated a hot flaming desire. It showed dancing and flickering lust and decadence.

Dahan-dahan niyang tinanggal ang suot nitong coat. There was no retaliation on his part. He just let her do it.

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