Who Is Gwen Erwin?

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"How's he doing? Charlie, that is," Calla asked Danny when he came out of the bathroom and met with her in the living room. His hair was still wet from the shower and the tank top he was wearing reminded her of a vacation scene with the palm branches scattered all over it. "I got a text from Duke about twenty minutes ago, he's still in surgery. I want to go see him but I fear leaving you alone at the house." Calla's stomach twisted, she knew he was right, she got in a lot of trouble in the last twenty-four hours. Leaving her here alone may not be the best idea.

"My hair is different, maybe they won't recognize me...I'll wear baggy clothes and with the short hair I sort of look boy-ish..." Danny knew what she was getting at and while he looked at her with her new hair, even though it was wet from her bath he could tell what she was talking about. "It might be doable, especially since Duke will be there doing his studies. Hey, isn't the news on? Maybe your story made it on already." She turned to the tv as he did and waited for him to switch it to the news.

"Oh hey, you guys are squeaky clean and watching the news, cool," Chester made Calla's head turn when he walked into the room and took the other side on the couch next to her. Following after her, was Joe and Ricky, both wanting to see the news just like Danny. 

Danny clicked through the boring channels until he came upon the right one after a few dozen wrong ones. A familiar face appeared on the screen, the lady that told them about Calla's disappearance the first time came on the screen, sitting in front of a blue-ish screen with her brown hair in a tight bun. All five of their eyes were set on her and just before she started to talk about a zoo incident, Chester jumped up and ran to the kitchen. It didn't take more than ten minutes for him to return with a bowl filled with popcorn. He took a spot in the middle of the others so the bowl could be shared among them as the woman began her new cast. 

"In more sad news, the disappearance of a young coed has come to an end. We have reports of her body being found in an area thick with trees, the EMTs reported that she was unresponsive and DOA. This event, while sad, brings closure for the family trying to find her. The body will be turned over to the family shortly for the funeral next week. The family wants their privacy and will not come on the air again for any more words about their daughter. They want us to please respect their privacy." 

The newscaster ended her story and switched to a different one as she turned in her chair to face another camera. Calla didn't say anything, not right away, she sat and listened to the story of a bike being stolen in a neighborhood she knew nothing about. She took in a deep breath and then let it out slowly and loudly making the other brother turn and look at her. 

"It's done, I'm dead," she spoke finally while she processed what she just heard on the television. "Sounds like it, how do you think he was able to get the body and all that information to the news places?" Chester asked just before he shoved a handful of popcorn into his mouth. The sound of crunching filled the silence in the room until Calla spoke up about her death. 

"I thought being dead would feel different...Freer, you know?" She looked at Ricky who just nodded his head. "I really want to know how that guy set this all up. How he got everyone out there to believe that the body he gave them is really you. It's just fascinating, that's all." Ricky caught a glance from Danny when he spoke about the body they found. He wasn't going to just shut up because of it, but he wouldn't bring it up for Calla's sake. 

"Calla wants to visit Charlie, I think that her identity has been changed enough to hide her. We should be okay, no one is looking for her anymore." Chester talked through handfuls of popcorn as if the request wasn't dangerous and possibly stupid. "It might work, but visiting hours are over, we'd have to ask Duke for a big favor. Sneaking the four of us into the room with Jacob and Charlie already there." Ricky brought up a good point but Calla wasn't listening too closely, she just wanted to know about the family that was looking for her. She wanted to see a photo.

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