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Everything was going in slow motion. I could hear Nevaeh's teeth snapping wildly at Edward but as hard as I tried I couldn't bring myself to look. I was too focused on the ground, or more precisely who was heading toward's it. Jacob's eye's were shut, not squeezed shut- like he was scared. They were peacefully closed, as though his muscle's were no longer working and they had simply drifted closed of their own accord. Jacob's arms were spread wide; lifeless, as they fluttered in the soft breeze.  

I wondered what would have gone through this mind in the last moment, Renesmee? His Mom? His Dad? His sister's? His pack? Maybe even me?

Jacob would never have the wedding he had fought so hard for, never be the father Ness longed for him to be. My Jacob would never BE again.

I screamed his name, unable to move. The wolves below were howling painfully, knowing what had just happened. They assembled quickly underneath him, ready to brace his fall. It would make no difference though. He was gone. There was no sound coming from him now, and I knew it was over.

And then he hit them, seeming to bounce slightly on impact and I heard some muffled groan's from the wolves underneath. I had alway's known that I was going to loose someone I loved through my choice in lifestyle- but never had I imagined it would be Jacob. My Jacob; the same Jacob who had helped me through the dark time's in my life. Jacob- who had stuck by me no matter what. Jacob- who had spent his life trying to please other's. Jacob- who had alway's seemed to be so strong.

My Jacob.

Renesmee's Jacob.

The groan's from the pack had stopped now, as they carefully manoeuvred themselve's to lay Jacob on the ground. They stood around him, head's bowed as Sam licked his face. I snapped my attention away from them- there was nothing more I could do for my Jacob now. Except destroy the monster who had taken him away from his pack, from Ness, from me. I swallowed the lump in my throat and turned my attention to my husband who was ducking and weaving Nevaeh's attack's with sheer grace, her white teeth exposed and ready to strike at any moment. Edward moved to the side, causing Nevaeh to move also, shielding me from her face. She could no longer see me.

I launched myself from the branch that I'd been stood on, landing carefully on the vampire's back, wrapping my arm around her neck and holding her in place using all the strength I had in me. A loud shriek burst through her lip's as she realized I now had a firm grip on her; she struggled to get away. Edward raced over and started interrogating her; knowing he only had second's before I destroyed her.

"Where is Tanya?"

"I. Don't. Know" she choked, her voice sounding strained as she struggled to get out of my grip.

"Where did you last see her?" Edward growled, stepping closer to her face with his teeth bared.

"Last. Month" Nevaeh spat, knowing she was in a dangerous situation now, and was only second's away from her death she added; "She was in Alabama, she told me to lay low and wait for her phone call"

"And did you?"

"Yes" she hissed "She's my mom- why wouldn't I?"

Now it was my turn to let a sickening laugh leave my lip's "Your Mom?" I laughed "A mother would never leave her child through choice"

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