Heredity or Environment - Which has the Greater Effect?

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Looks, do they really make a person, or is the friends around a person that makes them who they are? Could it be the objects a person possessed such as fame, glory, and even riches, or maybe it's dreams that someone hope to be able to complete one day that makes us into a person. It could be, but in honest who really knows what makes us who we are inside? I mean what is the really question that is trying to be answer here. Does it have to do item we like or does it have to do with the things we do to try to help. No, these aren't the question; the question that answers these problems is- Which has a greater effect on someone, heredity or the environment around them.

Out of these two, heredity is the easiest one to at tame and holds on to. Heredity is what you are born with or what you are given to you. Such as if you are born into a high class family, you might own lots of the new technology on the markets these days, but if you were born into the lower class; you might not even have a place to sleep at times. So yes heredity cause lots of issues into day's world, but do they really decide who you are? If a teenager ends up getting second hand clothes from their cousin why another teenage receive brand new clothes from the store all because of money, does this really affect them that much. I know that I receive ton of handy downs and I live a happy life. So does it really affect people that much? Well in some way yes, but in others it barely does any thing to the person. An example of a great effect on someone, is if a person who is able to own lots of new technology; this person might get lots of friends. While a person who has very little technology, might have less friend than the other person. Because of this "heredity", one child might not be treated as nicely as the other and become bullied. But it can also save a dieing family member's life that is in much need of rescuing, or it could let this family pass on to a better place. It all really depends, doesn't it?

Through it does depends in what the situation is for heredity, the situation also affect the environment. So which one really cause the greater effect on a person' s life? Maybe, it the environment. The environment affect everyone, every day of their life all the way from the day they're born to the day they die. The environment either makes, or breaks the dreams people creates. It cause others to cry and become stronger in this always harming world while others it allow triumph causing their true weakness to appear out of no where. So how big and deep does the environment really affect the world and people around? Well can easily cause a country's rise for a day or cause the country's downfall for years. The point is that the environment affects the world a lot more than you really think. It cause people's failures in life or it cause the simplest joys in life. I guess when you really think about it, it really does depend on the situation.

But there is still the question, which has a greater effect on a person - their heredity or the environment they are place in. Which of these 2, cause so many up rise and so many down falls? They both affect a person greatly, giving that person their needs, want, and hopes, but also their tears, fears, and the sadness in their heart. So which one is it? Well, I let you decide for yourself, but in my case I know which one is more stronger, fiercer The simplest answer is that it is neither. Without one, the other would neither be here. Without heredity there is no true environment, and without the environment there isn't any really heredity in the world. A lot of things follow this same pattern. Such as peace and chaos, love and hate, tear and joy, and most of all a heart. What I mean when I say the heart is that without any of these things and there so call opposite, our heart would never truly be able to stay whole, and would never open and see the truth, while with them with allow true happiness and joy in our life. This is the only real conclusion that I could come to, that without heredity there is no need for the environment and without the environment there is no real need for heredity. Basically neither are stronger than the other because neither could survive without the other. So the simplest answer to this question is - that heredity and the environment affect the world equal in their own way. That is my answer to the question, but what yours? I know that I have decided, but have you?

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