19. milkshakes

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[ 19. milkshakes ]

we all love grace
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"So you yelled at him, made him cry, and ditched him?" Grace frowns as she takes a sip from her strawberry milkshake. Taehyung nods, running his hands down his face. The two of them have met up for a milkshake at Benny's, Taehyung needing someone to talk to.

"I fucked up, and he's probably really mad," Taehyung mutters, hiding his face in his palms. When Grace doesn't answer, he groans loudly. "Fuck, he's really mad isn't he?"

"Right," Grace replies, twirling her straw in her drink. "You're pretty dumb, but I guess all good-looking guys are idiots."

Taehyung cards his fingers through his hair, pushing his hair back and tugging at his scalp. He's never felt so guilty, and of course, he's never hated himself more than anything in the world.

"Can you explain to me why you've been acting like a fucking asshole?" Grace asks, her eyebrows drawing together. Taehyung sighs, shaking his head. "I-I can't."

Grace slams her spoon on the table, startling Taehyung and the other people around their booth. He gulps, eyes widening when Grace grabs it and stabs it violently into her milkshake that some of it spills over the sides of the glass.

"This is your fucking problem Taehyung, and you can't lie your way out of this," Grace snaps, pointing a finger at him. "So cut the bullshit, drop your ego, and tell me what's going on."

"You don't understand," Taehyung's voice is weak. He leans forward, holding his head in his hands. "I-It's hard to explain."

"If it involves your mom," Grace suddenly softens her tone it throws him off guard, "then I'll understand. I don't know what Rachel does, but my parents didn't react well to me being gay too."

Taehyung glances up at her, noticing the irritation has eased from her gentle features. He swallows thickly, biting down on his lip. He feels Grace's eyes on him, waiting patiently for an answer.

Sucking in a breath, Taehyung shakes his head again. "Grace I-," He trails off, unsure where to start.

"-Fine," Grace eyes him for a second before leaning forward, crossing her arms over the table, "I'll tell you something and you tell me, okay?" Taehyung nods meekly.

"So uh, I came out about two years ago, or well, someone outed me. I had a boyfriend, found out I wasn't into it, kissed a girl for the first time- you know, basic lesbian coming out story," Grace chuckles to herself. Taehyung finds himself smiling a little bit. It's just that effect she has, he guesses.

"My boyfriend caught us in the backseat of his car. Honestly not my best moment, but with her, she made everything worth it I guess," She smiles wistfully, her finger twirling one of her curls. "Anyways, he outed me to my family. My dad was fine with it, but man he was pissed at the guy. My mom- she was another story."

"Your mom sounds cool though?" Taehyung lifts his head, his brows furrowed. Grace shakes her head, her smile wilting around the edges.

"She got real angry. Thankfully Dad was against all the gay conversion therapy, but things didn't look too good for them. Two years later, a divorce was the result," Grace murmurs, the smile on her face not quite genuine anymore.

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