17. to lie is to be careful

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[ 17. to lie is to be careful ]

i'm gonna start writing
longer chapters (;


"Did ya'll have fun?" Grace pushes between Jeongguk and Taehyung, slinging her arms over their shoulders while the trio walk to the car to go back to Memphis.

"Yeah, I actually did," Jeongguk admits honestly, a shy smile sitting crookedly on his lips as they approach the car. Dan's not there yet so they decide to wait for him.

While they're waiting, he feels Taehyung join his side and intertwine their fingers. His eyes widen slightly at the gesture, not entirely expecting that from him. However, instead of pulling away, he squeezes his hand back, his smile broadening.

"Wait! Hold on," Grace gasps dramatically, removing her arms from around them to dig for something in her pocket.

Taehyung and Jeongguk exchange curious glances, wondering what she's up to.

They watch as Grace takes out a small photograph from her backpack pocket, and it doesn't take long for Jeongguk to realize it's the one from the aquarium of Taehyung and him.

Grace gently hands the picture to him, a smile of her own glowing on her features watching the two of them admire it.

On it is Jeongguk and Taehyung standing beneath the aquarium arch. Around them are underwater creatures of all kinds, swimming carelessly amid the dark water. The dim lighting around them is purple and hazy yellows mixing among the shadows.

Then in the center is the two of them holding each other close, staring at one another as though it's just the two of them in their own little world.

Jeongguk's breath hitches in his throat. It looks so perfect.

"I thought you guys should have some memento from here," She chuckles, and when Jeongguk glances up at her to thank her he notices her cheeks are a faint shade of red.

He then slips his hand out of Taehyung's and throws his arms around her, nearly knocking her backwards.

Grace's eyes are wide but it's not long until she's hugging him back. He feels her squeeze him before letting go, the smile on her face brighter than the sun.

"Thank you," Jeongguk takes another look at the picture, running his thumb over the image.

"I knew you two wouldn't want a tattoo so here's something else you can keep forever to remember one another," Grace explains as she hands one to Taehyung.

"You outdid yourself Curly," Taehyung whistles, though his appreciation for the small gift twinkles in his dark eyes.

"Curly? That's new," Grace snorts and punches his shoulder. Taehyung shrugs, ruffling her curls.

Jeongguk on the other hand is mesmerized by the photograph. There's something about it that he can't keep his eyes off, the value greater than any of his posessions. It's something he wants to cherish forever - a memory he will never let go.

He then flips the photograph over, his eyebrows raising upon seeing black pen written across the back. It's probably Grace's handwriting since Taehyung's penmanship is neat, and when he reads the words on it his chest tightens.

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