Unwanted Debt

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          She nodded, a gentle smile on her face.

          The other two watched, Neyca disappointed she couldn't see what she did, Viveca in quiet calculation.

          "Hold on, I may have a solution," she proposed. She concentrated, pushing herself into Ezlyn's mind. She caught hold of what she was seeing, transferring the boy's figure to her mind. She motioned for Neyca to take her hand and sent the projection to her as well.

          "Oh wow, that's cool." Neyca praised.

          Viveca simply smiled in response.

          They all turned their attention back to the little boy, who cautiously watched the exchange from his spot behind the tree.

          "It's ok," Ezlyn reassured, "we won't hurt you."

          "He said that too," he said quietly and glanced to the copy of his older version.

          "He can't hurt you anymore, we took care of him. Besides, you're not of this world anymore. Even if we wanted to hurt you, we couldn't. You are between life and afterlife, we can't touch you in limbo."

          Joshua didn't move, guarded eyes still showing his distrust.

          Neyca moved to the dead body, poking it in its chest. "See? It only moves when Ezlyn tells it to, it's not alive anymore." She urged him with a wave of her hand to go to her.

          He walked forward, moving slowly so he'd still have the chance to run if needed. He noticed her eyes were still focused at the spot near the tree.

          "She can't see you anymore," Viveca said, noticing his confusion.

          "Huh? Oh, yeah I'm just guessing where you are," she admitted, gaze bouncing around the snow.

          Ezlyn went behind him, giving a reassuring smile so she wouldn't seem threatening. "He's right here."

          She walked him to the corpse, letting him examine it. Viveca went to take hold of Neyca's hand again, reminding her that her powers had limits.

          "Hasbro said they checked to make sure none ever went into your town, so we knew something was wrong when he came at us."

          He nodded, "This is why the Vaescils are dangerous. Very few know they aren't human. Nearly all people believe they are the extreme upper-class, or at least, they're led to. Everyone in the town knows otherwise, which is why we test outsiders before allowing entry."

          They looked at him, astonished at his knowledge.

          "I've been dead for seven years, you learn a few things when no one can see you," he shrugged. "Besides, I'm older than all you. What are you guys like, sixteen, seventeen?"

          Viveca chuckled, "Sure buddy."

          He crossed his arms, a triumphant grin on his face. "Exactly, so I'm older. You should be respecting me!"

          The girls shook their heads at his behavior, he didn't realize just how childish he was being.

          "Sorry to keep you waiting!" they heard.

          Ezlyn quickly diminished her powers, everyone losing sight of Joshua.

          Loud crunching headed their way as Hasbro ran through the snow. He stopped in front of them, catching his breath. "I apologize, I went as fast as I could. Not everyone was awake so this is all I can manage, but it's the best we have."

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