Part 21

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P.S-their local language in italic font which is not known to karan...

She stood there talking to Vishal but felt someone's constant gaze on her. When she rolled her eyes she saw her husband standing at a distance and gazing at her with warmth in his eyes that her heart melted. 'god, he is looking so charming!' Her heart squealed in delight.

But she also felt eyes on her,, shrugging her thoughts she kept her attention on Vishal who was telling her some random things.

She rolled her eyes again to meet her gaze with her husband but the pair of eyes she met with shrieked her. She saw Ananddam had his eyes on her, his eyes conveying something which she knew but never reciprocated. She tore the gaze off him and made her way inside the auditorium.


The remaining skits were done to and it was time for the results. She looked at Karan who just kept his mum 'cause he didn't saw half of them. 'he didn't saw Trisha perform' her heart saddened.

"Well the results are clear, can we have all the groups on the stage please" the host said and like that everyone entered the stage.

When Trisha entered the stage with her group Tripura saw how Karan's eyes went saucers and mouth went open, his eyes moistened and he immediately turned right at her for a clue. Tripura nodded in affirmation not knowing why her eyes too went teary.

"Its the very first group." Ananddam spoke "congratulations dramatics, you won" he declared and everyone cheered for the team. "I have a small request for you to perform your skit once again please if possible!" He requested and all of the crowd backed him.

Karan sat there stunned. It was like the luck was on his side. He felt so low to miss her perform but he will get to see it again was like a miracle to him.

When the characters took place he sat there patient like an obedient child and watched in awe at the way Trisha rocked each scene of hers.

Tripura smiled at the enthusiasm she felt in Trisha's body language also the new confidence in her dialogue delivery. Not that she performed bad at first but this time it was really mind blowing from her side.

The crowd cheered once again as her last monologue finished.

Trisha's eyes met Karan's and she couldn't hold herself long as a tear made its way down her cheek. She took a Silent exit from the stage.

Karan was the first to get up and walk out of the auditorium following her. Vishal and Tripura to walked behind them but stood at a distance when they saw Karan neared Trisha.


Tripura just witnessed whatever happened at the distance. Karan had his head hung low while Trisha burst hard at him. She wanted to go there help him but before she could take a step ahead Vishal held her back and nodded not to.

She held herself back with a tear in her eye.


"you know what Mr.Khanna" she sniffed back her sob "I expected" she glared at him "I expected that you'd at least be here" she was choleric. "I thought you'd be proud of me" her voice softened.

"I am always proud of you" his eyes glimmered.

She went silent so did he.

Trisha turned around to see Tripura and Vishal walked towards them.

"Its great at least you are keeping her happy" she looked at Tripura.

Karan to turned around looking at his wife who had concern in her eyes. Was he keeping her happy? The concern she had on her face did made him realise what he had got her into! His life is a mess and he just dragged her into it.

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