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plot:seokjin always wondered why taehyung was secretive sometimes, and loved chokers so much..

warnings:pet space, giggly taehyung uwu, short, mentions of littlespace


"tae?"seokjin poked his head into the room, frowing when he saw his boyfriend out of his usual headspace again.

taehyung's head whipped over, eyes widening and his lips parted but no sound was released as he stood up, silently excusing himself before rushing into his room.

seokjin frowned, following the boy suit.

"h-hyung, could you please leave for now?"taehyung squeaked out, voice higher than usual as he stammered, holding tightly onto the door.

seokjin frowned but nodded, leaving hesitantly to continue cooking their dinner.

an hour passed and he decided to go check on taehyung.

seokjin's knuckles hit against the wooden door as he waited for a reply, "taehyung, baby? dinner's ready."

no reply.


he heard a soft whimper as well as a sniffle, and quickly he turned the knob in fear of his boyfriend being in little space or in pain; the door was unlocked.

"taehyung are you--"

he paused.

inside the blue room was a mess, taehyung's littlespace toys thrown about and pacifiers placed around messily, his closet open and clothes scattered all over.

chokers piled in a corner, and in the middle of it all was a wide-eyed taehyung, his hair messy as he stared in anxiety and fear at seokjin through his doe eyes.

seokjin bit his lip,"tae? what's wrong, why is your room a mess?"

taehyung only sniffled, his lips moving to speak but no noise leaving as he cried softly, fists clenched at his sides.


and then he heard it.

a mew.

seokjin's head whipped up, eyes wide as he stared at taehyung in disbelief and horror.


the said male's bottom lip wobbled as he bit hard onto it, tears brimming his eyes as he remained silent.

"tae- baby, are you okay? please talk to me,"seokjin chided, approaching the boy gently so as to show he meant no harm,"baby.."

taehyung only sniffled, seeming to lean in to seokjin's hand, his fluffy hair hitting his palm before soon, taehyung was hesitantly rubbing his head on the hand.

seokjin's lips parted, his eyes widened and lips in a 'o'.

"does my baby.. have pet space?"he questioned gently, hesitantly petting the male on his head.

taehyung paused, obviously frustrated that he couldn't reply, and he managed to nod slowly, the look in his eyes telling that he was being hopeful and anxious.

seokjin smiled, "is taetae a kitty? are you?"

taehyung nodded, flushed was his face, and he stared at seokjin expectantly.

"baby, i love you, okay? just the way,you are. no matter what. even if taetae's a little, a puppy, or a kitty, okay?"

taehyung blinked, and quickly nodded, his lips spreading into a wide smile, and mewled.

seokjin's lips parted, but he smiled back, stroking the boy's head lovingly, "my little baby. my little kitty."

taehyung managed to giggle, obviously happier as he let out a cute whine, glad mews leaving his pink lips.


his hand combing through the soft blonde locks, soft breathing heard.


seokjin hummed, looking down at his baby softly,"yes, baby?"

taehyung shuffled, pouting,"does dadsy rweally love taetae no matter what? even if taetae is a kittycat?"

seokjin smiled, nodding,"of course."

taehyung hummed, sniffling,"sowwy for hiding from daddy...taetae thought daddy would hwate him if he k-knew.."


"never, baby."

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