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"Wake up beautiful ."

Ethan's POV

A couple of nights ago she laughed , smiled , and cried in her sleep. It was crazy . She woke up in the middle of the night and began crying. I laid on my side of the bed and heard her mourn in silence.  I knew she had another dream . They seem to get more vivid as the years go by .

I worry about her. She's gone through so much that it's haunting her now . I know I'm part of it . She tells me I'm not when I know I am . She is my entire world . My life revolves around her as cliché as it might sound . She's all I care for now days . I protect her cause it is my job to make sure she makes it home safe to me every night. That girl is my entire universe. She has my entire heart in her hands . I love her like crazy. She cares for me as if I'm her most prized possession. If I cry she's there laughing and crying along with me because she's trying to cheer me up. This girl has had me whipped around her finger for years now . I look like goofy when I'm with her. When she holds me I just melt and relax. It's hard to stay away from her . It'll just emotionally and physically attracted to her . She's my only compass . I might get lost without her.

Girls need love .

I feen for her touch every day . The way she touches my body when we have sex puts me in a trance . Goosebumps cover my entire body when she touches me in all the right places . The way she kisses me is all I want on a daily basis. Her body silhouette is just mesmerizing. The way her body feels against mine is indescribable. When she teases me I lose it . I make her scream my name . I'm sure that the neighbors know my name . I just fall into paradise. She has this spell on me that I can't get rid of . I don't want it to go away any time soon .

I get jealous when another man talks to her . She's mine and only mine . It makes my blood boil when men try to get her attention. When they succeed I get enraged . That's my woman not theirs . She's been hurt enough times . I've seen them try moves on her that just piss me off . I lose my mind seeing her laugh and smile because of another man . That's my job and my job only . I've become her protector. Her bodyguard.

She's told me to bring my protectiveness down a couple levels, but I just can't ! She's all I think about. She's ninety percent of my thoughts. I hide all of these emotions , but sometimes they just slip out . She'll ask me what I'm thinking about , I tell her I'm thinking about whatever she's thinking about.

I crave her more and more everyday. I just can't control it . I guess after a if these year I've gone mad . She's become an addiction that is stronger than anything on this earth . I just can't stop.

"Hey babygirl ." I said to her as she slid back into bed .

She smiled so beautifully. One of her hands was placed behind my head and soon I was experiencing pleasure. Her lips just took over. Her hands took over my body . I was experiencing paradise.

"Princess ." I moaned out .

"Yes Ethan ?" She said seductively.

"PRINCESS!" I moaned loudly.

I lost my composure.

"Fuck!" I muttered under my breath clear enough for her to hear .

She just laughed at the sight of me weak under touch .

She began to suck on my sweet spot and rub on my member . I began to lose myself under her touch . I just began to get harder and harder as the seconds went by . I was weak .

"Mary!" I moaned again.

"You're about to scream it louder than that in a second baby ." She whispered into my ear sending shivers down my spine .

She began to pull down my boxers . She was already nude . She straddled me and rocked her hips back and forth once teasing me before she began to ride me slowly. I threw my head back in pleasure . I gripped the sheets trying to contain my moans which soon those plans failed .

"FUCK MARY!" I moaned out .

I had enough of her dominance . I put her under me and began to tease her like crazy. I bit her shoulder which I know turns her on . After minutes of teasing I stopped and began to give her deep strokes. She held onto me so tight that her nails dug into my back. I smirked at the sight of her yelling out my name . She couldn't take it anymore that she pushed me off of her and ran into the restroom.

I got worried after she didn't come back out .
I slipped my boxers back on and opened the restroom door only to find her sitting on the shower bench . She was holding her stomach as she became dripping wet from the shower.

"Are you ok?" I asked .

She looked at me and smiled.

"I'm great . I just needed a break my legs feel sore . My lower half is throbbing in pleasure." She said which caused me to smirk.

I gave her what she deserved. She needed a little piece of human sedative. It's 3 in the morning and she is going to be knocked out once she hits that bed . You can't tease me without expecting something back . She knew what she was doing. We both knew what we were doing. Nights like this is what I feen for.
My princess was worn out for tonight. That means I don't have to stress as much later on today about her . I don't think she's going anywhere. My body fulfilled her needs and hers fulfilled my needs and desire. Her body is something I just can't stay away from.

"I did my job." I said right before I got in with her.

"Fuck You ." She laughed .

"I just did princess." I winked at her .

Girls need love too .

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