Chapter 22 : The Worst Thing

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Taehyung's POV
"Talk to her..." Yuqi said and I replied her with a sigh. "We've been sitting here for hours yet you still don't have the courage to apologize?" Yuqi stood up as she walked towards me. I looked at her as I earned a slap on my shoulder from her. "Leave me alone..." I told her and rolled my eyes. "YOU'RE HER BOYFRIEND!" She shouted as she pulled me up to make me stand up.

"Please stop making me-" She slapped my face. "Don't you love her? Don't you care about her?" Yuqi asked. I nodded slowly in reply. "Go find her. It's never too late... If you don't, then you really don't deserve her." She whispered. I chuckled at her. "You sure do become mature... Fine, I'll talk to her." I told her. She smiled happily at my statement.

I knocked at the girls' room door. There wasn't any sound from inside. I barged in without any warning. It was quiet and empty. 'Why was the door unlocked?' I thought as I felt suspicious. I searched in every room and found out they were nowhere to be seen. I took out my phone from my pocket. I dialed Irene.

Suddenly I heard her ringtone coming from her bathroom. I opened the bathroom door. I saw her phone lying on the ground. I grabbed it and yes it was hers. "Oh my... The screen." I said as I saw her phone screen completely destroyed. I took the phone with me and walked out of the place. I dialed Eunbi. "Eunbi, where are you?" I asked as she picked up the call. "HOSPITAL?!" I shouted.

A few minutes later,
Me and Yuqi rushed to the hospital. Before I could get out of the car, Yuqi held my arm to stop me. I turned to her and looked at her hand which was gripping hard on my arm. "How will you explain to her?" Yuqi asked. "I'll tell her everythi-" "NO!" Yuqi suddenly interrupted me. "Yuqi please... She's in trouble." I pleaded. I was shocked as I suddenly saw Yuqi crying.

"Please Taehyung... Are you seriously gonna tell her about the bet?" Yuqi asked. I was silent and just froze there. "Let me just... Talk to her... She'll understand I guess..." I said. We both walked out of the car and rushed inside. Before I could even go inside the room Irene was in, Jennie blocked the door. She gave us both a cold glare and stood in front of us.

"I need to see Irene." I said. "No, why would I let someone who hurt her see her? Don't tell lies or excuses and just leave!" Jennie said angrily. It was the first time I've ever seen Jennie mad... "Oppa." I turned over to the sound. "Ah Eunbi-ah." I said and walked towards her. "Let's talk." She said coldly and soon she turned to the person beside me. "You too." She pointed at Yuqi.

Jimin's POV
I hid behind the wall as I saw 4 familiar figures that seemed to be arguing. Soon, Eunbi brought Taehyung and... YUQI?! What is Yuqi doing here...? I started to feel suspicious. "Nah she won't betray me... She's probably helping me..." I said to myself. I walked towards Jennie who was sitting at the seat beside the door. "Oh annyeong Jennie." I greeted her kindly and gave her a smile. "JIMIN?!" She stood up. "What are you doing here?" She asked.

"Hmm my dad had an accident and I came here to visit him. I didn't expect to bump into you here..." I lied and laughed. She smiled at me. "Hope he's okay..." She told me. I nodded and looked at the door. "Who are you waiting for?" I asked. "Oh umm you remember Irene?" Jennie said. "Oh, Taehyung's little secretary?" I asked. Jennie giggled as she nodded in reply.

"Oh damn what happened to her?" I crossed my arms. "She passed out due to stress." She told me. "Hope she's okay... She was strong. I can see from the time she protected Taehyung..." I said and smiled. "Can I meet her later?" I asked. "Umm... Sure." Jennie said. Yes, now that I got Jennie's permission... I will be able to-

The door suddenly opened. The doctor walked towards me and Jennie. "She's awake... We should let her rest then you may meet her." The doctor told us. "Thank you doctor." Jennie said as she nodded. After the doctor walked away, I turned to Jennie. "Have you had your lunch?" I asked. "Umm not yet... Why?" She replied. "Let's go have lunch first then we should buy some stuffs before visiting her." I told her. "Geurae." She nodded and we left.

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