(The Doorbell Saga)CH-3

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Precap:- Ragini in dilemma after the letter. Has many questions. Decides to come back.

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The very next day,
11:34 am

The bell of the Shergill house rings.
For about 2 minutes no response is there. Again the bell rings. Again no response. This time the person standing out rings the bell continously and then comes the irritated Raavi who opens the door.

"Why it always have to be me who'll open the door! Rest all are just ignoring the bell. And this mad person outside....Can't he just have patience. Ringing the bell like a mad!!! Aaarrrgggghhhh! I am already so irritated today! "

The door opens and the person standing out reveals to be:-

The door opens and the person standing out reveals to be:-

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Yes, Doodh Waala...😂.{Milkman}

"Madam ji....We don't have much time to wait for the customer. There are many other houses too where I go!"

"We'll take care from now about this!"

"And what's the garranty!?"

"Just give me the milk I am already irritated and go!"

"The kids of today don't have manners."

"The doodh waales of today don't have patience."
The milkman makes faces and pours the milk in the vessel in Raavi's hands. Once it's done, Raavi shuts the door hard.

The bell of the house rings the next minute. She opens the door extremely irritated.


"I need the money of the month. It's the month end. "

"Take it tomorrow and go!"

She closes the door. After a minute, the bell rings once again. Raavi was bursting in anger. She opens the door and he once again standing says:-

"But I need it today!"

"Please go....! Take it tomorrow!!!! Take 20 rs extra tomorrow! Fine!?"


"Then go now!"

She closes the door once again.

"Thank God!"

But again the bell rings and now she shouts....
"Aaaaaaaaa!! Doodh waale tujhe paise chahiye aur mujhe tera sir!!!!"
{ You want money and I want your head!"}

Only then Vihaan comes out of his room. He finds Raavi shouting to herself. He finds it strange so he goes towards her.

"Oh Mata! Why are you shouting like mad?"

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