"Whatever you say." Renjun rolled his eyes.


"Sorry for asking, but where are your friends." Ningning said while her arms are around Renjun's neck.

The guy shrugged, "They don't have dates." He chuckled. "They're just probably around, messing with each other, or maybe, with the chocolate fountain." He then looked around to find certain people.

"And I was right." He chuckled, while watching his friends who were having he time of their lives. "There's Jeno, Donghyuck, Jaemin and Jaehyun hyung at the chocolate fountain. Chenle and Jisung are at the stuff toy crane near the entrance. Your cousin is with Jungwoo-hyung, dancing weirdly near the stage." He laughed when he saw Jungwoo almost falling, but luckily, Lucas grabbed his arm to prevent him from falling. "And oh, Mark-hyung's alone at the drinks area." He unintentionally sighed, making his partner look at him.

"Is everything alright?" She asked, worry was evident in her voice.

He nodded and gave her a reassuring smile, "I am, trust me. I just feel kinda bad for Mark-hyung. He's alone again... while we're having fun..." He shook his head. "I wish Eun-noona was here, she'll be able to cheer him up."

"Oh, and of course, there's Joohyun-noona with her boyfriend." Ningning looked at the entrance, where Irene and her partner, which is also her boyfriend, are at.

"Junmyeon-oppa and Irene-unnie looks so good together." She said softly.

Renjun could only nod, because she was telling the truth. "But you know who's better?"

"Hm? Who?" She looked at him with confused eyes.


Before she could whine and punch him, slow music started playing.

Renjun smiled at her, who was blushing so hard despite of her make up. He then knelt on one knee, causing them to be the center of attraction. He then led out his hand, asking for hers. "Ning Yizhuo, can I have this dance?"

"Take my hand, take a breath
Pull me close and take one step
Keep your eyes locked to mine
And let the music be your guide"

She smiled and shook her head while laughing due to Renjun's cheesiness. She sighed and nodded, holding his hand in the process.

"Won't you promise me?
(Now won't you promise me?)
That you'll never forget
(We'll keep dancing)
To keep dancing wherever we go next"

Renjun feels like he's the happiest person alive. He smiled and stood up, holding her right hand, and placing his other hand on her waist.

"It's like catching lightning
The chances of finding someone like you
It's one in a million, the chances to feeling
The way we do
And with every step together
We just keep on getting better"

"You don't know how happy I am." He said, suddenly looking down, feeling embarrassed.

"What, why?" She asked.

"Because I have you as my date."

"So can I have this dance?
(Can I have this dance?)
Can I have this dance?"

She wanted to say the same things to him, but she don't know why she's still afraid. She already knows that Renjun feels the same way towards her, but somehow, her heart isn't at ease.

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