twenty one

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"Jisung-ah, what did you exactly tell him, resulting in this extravagant surprise?" Taeyong asked Jisung, while his eyes are still focused on the two who were standing at the center of the gym.

Jisung chuckled softly, so that they wouldn't hear him. "I kinda told him that someone's planning to ask Ningning first."

"Pabo, why would you do that?" Doyoung nudged him.

"Hyung, why are you calling me stupid?" Jisung raised a brow. "If I didn't do that, he'd still be in our room, still shaking, and won't do anything because he's scared to ask her out." He then looked at the two. "Look..." He smiled upon seeing Ningning pulling Renjun up, hugging him afterwards.


"Yah, I'll be going first." Renjun said, grabbing his phone as he stepped out of their dorm first. "I'll fetch her at their dorm. I already told Taeyong-hyung that we'll just see each other at the venue." He said.

His friends nodded.

"He's really that excited, isn't he?" Donghyuck asked, handing one of the neckties to Jaemin.

Jaemin accepted it and nodded. "Whipped."

Renjun, on the other hand, wasted no time in stepping inside their van, his tuxedo was in a hanger that was hung against the window. "Hyungie, let's go to this place, please." He politely asked their driver while showing the loaction in his phone.

Their driver nodded and gave Renjun his phone back.

A few minutes later, they arrived at Ningning's dorm. "Hyung, wait for us here~" He chimed before stepping out of the van.

Okay, here it goes...

"Oh, Renjun!" Koeun greeted him after he rang the doorbell. "Ningning's ready, wait a moment, I'll just call her." She smiled, gesturing him to come inside. "Come in."

Renjun did what he was told and nodded. He sat on the couch and watched Koeun go upstairs to call Ningning. He thought that she would go inside her room, but no. While on her way upstairs, she was already yelling, calling the younger's name.

"Yah, Ning Yizhuo!" Koeun called. "Your date's already here! It's either you move fast or you move fast!" She said, knocking on the door hard.

Renjun could only laugh. He could imagine Ningning panicking inside her room.

"She'll come down in a bit, Renjun-ah." Koeun yelled upstairs.

Renjun just nodded even though Koeun couldn't see it. He played his phone for a while to kill time whilr waiting for her. He doesn't mind waiting for a long time, it'll be worth it anyways.

"I'm sorry, I prepared late!" She chuckled while rushing down the stairs.

Renjun immediately stood up and ran towards the stairs to help her go down. He extended his hand, asking for her hand, which she gladly took and smiled. "You're early."

He laughed and helped her go down the stairs. He noticed that she was wearing heels, but not too high, one of the reasons why she's having a hard time walking.

"Wow, Huang. I never saw this side of you." Hina scoffed, watching Renjun help her friend go down the stairs. "Wow would you look at that, you didn't even bother replying to me." She rolled her eyes. "Yah, Renjun!" She called, making the guy finally look at her. "Take care of Yizhuo or else I'll kill you!" She said, using two fingers to point her eyes, and his, threatening him. "We have our eyes on you two."

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