Chapter 1: An Unfortunate Devil Fruit

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Having left Fishman Island, we didn't expect to land right away at an island. When we popped ashore one we were all surprised, having expected to have to actually sail for a while.

It was an easy decision, we were going to go gather some more supplies and explore. The other pirate ship there didn't bother us, we weren't here to cause a fight. So long as we didn't bother them they wouldn't bother us, right?

Either way, we were paired off. Well, most of the crew was paired off. I left early, and Zoro tagged along. It was fine because it wasn't like we could get lost in a place we knew nothing about.

Zoro has somewhat accepted my nickname for him, no longer yelling at me when I call him. He also humors me a lot more. Such as our current topic.

"But really, Mr. Hottie." I stated, my arms clasped behind my back as we walked. "If we had kids, they would be fucking adorable."

He smirked looking down at me, "Would they?"

I nodded, "Yeah. Clearly you're hot, and I'm cute, mix that and we'll have adorable kids. It's science." I gasped loudly and looked at him. "They'll look like Christmas with our hair! Oh! Oh! What if one of them has like half green and half red hair? Wouldn't that be cute!"

"I don't think science would allow a half red head half green head."

"Fine, but they would be super cute."

He thought it over, shrugging. "Maybe. Or they could end up looking really ugly. Just because we're attractive dosen't mean they'll be cute."

I shook my head, "No, no. Have you seen my family? They're all attractive. Our children would surpass them. Easily. And if I bring children into this world I expect nothing but the best, so no matter what they'll be the best."

"What if they suck-"

"They won't."

Don't ask how I got him to participate in this conversation. It all started out as a way for me to tease him. Perhaps he was trying to tease me.

"They'll likely be twins. My mom was a twin and I am too. So you'll need to expect double the trouble."

He hummed in thought, "As long as one of them can swing a sword there isn't an issue."

"Boy or girl?"

He shrugged, "Dosen't matter. They're all the same. If they grow up to be as cute as you seem to think we'll have to fend off potential suitors either way."

"I refuse to settle down on an island if I have kids. Are you willing to do that?"

"No. But I don't see why they wouldn't be able to stay on the ship. Luffy will be entertained with a child or two, and there would be a doctor always ready, and food wouldn't be a problem." He shrugged again, as if it was commen sense.

I grinned, rolling my eyes. He sounded too serious.

"Pirate Hunter Zoro." We slowed down to turn around at the deep voice. I blinked in confusion as I set eyes on a scrawny kid, no older than fifteen. He had short dark purple, almost black, hair which was curly and his bangs fell into his eyes. There was no weapon present on his person, but I knew better than to relax at such a small thing. He had poor posture, appearing as though he had better things to do than talk to us. "Crimson Hurricane Katsu. Or rather Mitsu."

"How do you know that name?" My eyes narrowed into a glare and my hand slid to my fans. Zoro twitched his hand to his swords, ready to fight as well.

His charcoal eyes wondered away from Zoro and onto me. "Your family requests your presence, Mitsu."

"My family?" I muttered in confusion, wondering why the hell Shanks would send a creepy kid. Then I felt a spark of a memory. Sato's warning about our father's family. They weren't good people. "Ah shit."

Zoro tensed, pulling out his swords as he glanced at me. "Looks like we gotta take you down then." I muttered, nodding at Zoro.

I didn't know much about the other side of my family. However I knew enough to know I didn't want then finding out my whereabouts.

"Don't fight." He sighed, looking far more tired than a fifteen-year-old should. "You won't win."

Zoro snorted from beside me. "Well, aren't you cocky?"

I flicked open a fan with a smirk. "Ah, Zoro, I'll race ya to take him down first."

The first mate grinned af me, placing a sword in his mouth, his next words muffled. "You're on."

Picking up the winds, I dashed forward. My thumb slid upwards, revealing the blade to my fan. Twisting my body, I slashed at the boy.

He sidestepped before kicking me in the back. While I stumbled a few steps, Zoro lashed out. Straightening my footing J frowned and turned on my heel.

He had avoided Zoro's attacks as well, which lead me to attack once more. However with each swing and slash from me, he simply took a step back.

A sigh escaped him. "Of course you won't come quietly." My eyes widened as he held out his hand and a black circle formed in front of me. "I'll place you in safe keeping for now."

When I tried to pivot it was clear that I wouldn't be able to make it away. At least not when the hole he had conquered was starting to suck me in.



My eyes widened at the multiple voices, making my head turn in time to see my crew starting to run towards Zoro and I. Zoro was running towards me as well, his eyes wide as he tried to slash the boy to cancel whatever this portal was. My vision began to become hazy as I was starting to become surrounded by the black hole.

A chill drew up my spine as my body began to fall through the portal. For a brief second, I felt someone grasp my hand before I was completely consumed.

With the cold covering my body I shivered and felt panic grip me as everything went black. No sound nor light welcomed me. Not even my own heartbeat, which I knew to be pounding.

Then my body throbbed painfully. The cold being replaced by a burning throbbing heat. A scream would have ripped from my lungs if sound could be heard.

It felt like an endless fall, and an endless pain which only grew.

My bones felt as if they were being squished down and pulled all at once. My insides twisted painfully, making me want nothing more than to hurl to hope and ease the pain. Even a weakened sensation filled my being.

Then, everything stopped.


End of Chapter 1!

A very short chapter, but I promise the others wont be as short! Anyway, I hope ya'll like this fanfic! I have a lot of fun ideas planned out for it!

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