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Hi! So I'm having a little lack of motivation due to the fact that I suffer from writer's block majority of the time and also just a lack of motivation to do anything. So, I decided just to write a little one-shot to try to motivate me. 
Also I'll use these little "chapters" to test out my writing skills and such
Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Topic: Violet has a major crush on Clementine and Clementine doesn't know that. After many months, she's decided to tell Clementine through text.

It's been a year since Violet has discovered that she is definitely crushing on hard on Clementine. She has always had difficulties putting her thoughts into words or her words into actions. She's always been the quiet type, doesn't open up about her feelings to anyone; including her closest friend Louis. Yet when she met Clementine, Violet's able to easily open up and talk about how she feels; one of her main reasons why she has feelings for Clementine. Her feelings for Clementine soon enough became to difficult of a load for her to handle on her own. She talked to Louis about it and Louis of course - being his optimistic self - tells Violet what he thinks. Telling her how she and Clementine always flirt, like that one time when Violet read aloud in class for a play and Clementine looked as if she was head over heels for her. Louis motivates Violet consistently, finally making her to confess.

It's 4:50 P.M, Violet is pacing around her room, hands brushing her hair back and her heart rate rising rapidly. She looks at her phone then back at another object in the room, bouncing up and down on her bed, stuffing food into her face before the big confession. Violet walks over to her phone, but to only tell Louis about her nervousness.
lou im left with worst option to tell her ugfdsfdfd. i have to text her bc there was no good timing during the day dude help god damnittt
Louis immediately responds. do it!! do it now!! there's no turning back
should i like start off with a big paragraph or like separate texts cuz like idk if i should be like: heyyy do u got time to talk
Violet's chest begins to puff in and out due to her heavy breathing and panic; Lou responds in a heartbeat. yeah say that. than do the paragraph thing
sksksksks if i die, plan my funeral.
Violet switches over to her texts with Clementine, immediately wiping the sweat off her face. She breathes in and types in: heyy do u got time to talk? i needa tell you something
Violet hits send after five minutes, throwing her phone across the room right after with the intention of not touching her phone until Clementine responds. Sweat drips down her face as she hears her notification. Violet reluctantly walks over to her phone, seeing the blue LED indicator flashing, notifying Violet that she has a message. She opens her phone, it's Clementine. yeah of course!
Violet breathes in and out, moving her thumbs swiftly across the phone keyboard. so like, we've known each other for a long time and like... i've discovered last year that... i have a crush on you and i've been trying to tell you this for a long time but never found the right timing lmao. i just really needed to get this off my chest and you deserve to know and uh... yeah and i hope you don't find this weird or anything.
She presses send and impatiently waits for her reply. Violet wants her to reply, but then again to not, she's unsure of what she wants to happen. After all the optimism and hopefulness she's received from Louis, Violet can only wish for the best to happen. Five minutes pass and there hasn't been any reply, Violet starts to get nervous. 10 minutes pass, the blue LED indicator flashes once again. oh no vi i'm not weirded out at all! i'm just surprised since i didnt know anyone would like me lmao. but thanks for letting me know haha
Before Violet could type, Clementine sends another message. and sorry for like the long reply i wasnt sure what to say bc im awkward lmao
Violet begins crying, but isn't exactly sure why. Clementine rejected her in the nicest way possible and Violet still cried. She began to get more furious with herself, tears rushed down her face as she ran in the bathroom with her phone, turning on the filter to block out the noise of her sobs. She looks at her phone and texts Clementine again. nah dont worry im pretty awkward as well. but yeah, its just been like a heavy weight on me for awhile soooo
2 minutes. yeah i get you Vi, i hope you feel better tho :)
Violet didn't feel better. She somehow felt worse and felt as if this whole situation was her fault entirely. Violet is sobbing in the bathroom, knees against her chest on the toilet as she tried her best to wipe away any tears that fell from her eyes. Nonetheless, she didn't want Clementine to know that. yeah i definitely do haha
aw that's good i wouldn't want you to feel stressed or like sad or stuff
Violet is sad, Violet is stressed, but Violet didn't know why. nah don't worry, im not stressed but i was hella stressed before but i feel a lot better now. No, she didn't feel better.
Clementine replies. ahh im sorry you were before
Violet hovers her thumbs over the keyboard before receiving another text from Clementine. im glad its better now haha
She felt bad that Clementine apologized, she felt as if she had to apologize for making her day worse and awkward for telling her about this stupid crush. Violet's feelings were all over the place, she continues to sob. you dont gotta apologize man its okay. and yeah same here lol
Clementine responds. okie lol
Violet thinks that's the end of it, before receiving another text from her. but youre good now?
That's the thing with Clementine, Violet couldn't get over how nice she is. Violet couldn't get over all the nice gestures that she has done for her in the past and all the apparent flirting moments that Violet didn't see... or her. Only Louis did. Only Louis kept telling her that Clementine for sure likes her back. Only Louis kept telling her that Clementine flirts with Violet without Violet realizing. Violet felt idiotic to believe such a thing. yeah im good now. She walks out of the bathroom, thinking that she's done crying; only for the tears to immediately fall down her face again, causing her to rush back inside the bathroom, turning the filter back on.
lmao alr good, just checkin 
Without thinking, Violet responds. heh, that's nice of you
Violet smacks herself for sending that, knowing that it's such an awkward text. Clementine responds. ikr lmao and jkjk
Violet is sob-screaming at this point, screaming into her shirt and just letting the snot and tears run down her face. that's like one of the main reasons why i like, like you. you're just really friendly and funny and shit
aw thanks lmao i think youre comical too
Violet slightly smiles, wiping her face off once again. thanks and like thank you for being cool about this, i just sort of have had bad experiences in the past with things like this and it's good to know that you're cool about this. Sending that text reminds her of Minerva and how bad their relationship was... Violet cries even more
yeah of course ive had bad experiences in the past too so i completely understand
Violet types out, "im glad you do, it just feels so g-
But Clementine beats her before she does. anyways, thanks for telling me and i hope you have a good night :)
Violet erases what she was about to type. yeah of course, hope you have a good night too :)
Violet shuts her phone off and places her hands on her face, sobbing in them. She moves to the bathroom floor and leans against the shower door, crying until there were no more tears left. Violet could only think, if she haven't been so hopeful, she would've felt better and somehow even after telling Clementine her biggest secret... Violet could only feel worse. 

haha this is based off a true experience i've had. it sucked, but hey, things happen and ya know... it's for the best. 

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