Chapter 5

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Some old faces, some sour memories
and the same heart
running away from known strangers
chasing dreams to hold on a little longer

My alarm went off at 8 A.M. I woke up turned it off, and got off my bed.
I did my morning routine and wore a red pullover with black jeans. I comb my hairs leaving them open. By the time I finished it was 10 A.M. and I headed downstairs to meet everyone.

I saw my Dad sitting on the sofa and reading the newspaper, my mom was in the kitchen and my sister was nowhere to be seen. The only sound in the house was an unpleasant clattering of utensils as my mom was preparing breakfast.

"Good morning Dad!" I greeted.

"Good morning, how was your flight yesterday?" He asked.

"It was okay." I replied.

"And how far are your studies going?" He asks.

"Great, they are pretty great." I answer hoping he won't ask anymore about studies and college.

Conversations with dad aren't as amusing as they are with mom. Dad only talks about the things that makes sense or are necessary to be discussed. Unlike mom, he's pretty quite and cold like me, I guess I got this on my blood from him.

"Breakfast is ready." My mom speaks as she comes out of the kitchen and sets dishes on the dining table.

"Ok we are coming." I get up from the sofa and walks towards the dining table.

"Where's Stella?" I ask curiously cause she was nowhere to be seen since I came.

"She went out with her friends." My mom speaks as she passed me my dish.

"It's just 10 A.M. Mom. She went out so early, didn't she know that I was already here?" I asked.

"She went out because she knew you were here." My mom replied taking a bite of her food.

"What? She knew I was here yet she left without even meeting me." My voice broke as tears begin to form.

"For now, please don't bring it up, remember your dad is here." She whispers and shuts me.

My dad comes in the dining room and begins to dig in. I was obliged to hold my tears back in front of him. I can't just let my dad know anything, he  know nothing about it, and I can't let him know that things aren't going well between me and my sister.

" I...I'm done eating." I say, my voice came out shaky and I walked upstairs in an attempt to hide my tears.

I closed the door and sat by my bed. Tears walked out of my eyes, I put a hand over my mouth to muffle my cries. 2 years have passed since then. Was it really my fault?

2 years ago, I was bullied and tormented by almost everyone in the high school. I was called a nerd, dweep, snob, ugly and many of those dreadful names. Nobody came to my rescue except my best friend Wendy Evans and Josh Grey. Josh Grey was my classmate who felt sorry for me and lend me a hand. If not for him and Wendy, I wouldn't have survived high school. He had an amicable countenance and he was kind to everyone. I took his kindness for love and fell head over heals for him. But I was completely unaware about tge fact that Josh and Stella were dating. I never had any slightest idea that they were already together. I felt harder for him everyday and wrote about him in my diary, I wrote letters to him and even told about this to Wendy. Wendy said she was very happy for me and would help me out getting along with Josh. I was so overwhelmed, afterall in a state of despair where I was bullied everyday, I still had a friend like Wendy who would help me out with the guy I love.
But Wendy had ulterior motives. One fine day I decided to confess to Josh so I called him and asked to meet him and fortunately he agreed. I was so hysterically happy as I was on my way to see him, little did I know that it would become the worst day of my life. I went to him before I could even speak I saw my sister and Wendy heading towards us.

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