chapter 1

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“Dallas!” a demanding voice yelled.
“Y-yes sergeant” a quiet voice responded presumably belonging to the person named Dallas.
“Have you finished that homicide case yet?” the sergeant asked in a quieter tone.
“Yes sir” Dallas responded picking up the files he dropped when the sergeant startled him. “Where is the file?” sarge asked impatiently.
“Right here sir.” Dallas responded picking out one of the files from the pile he gathered.
“Great work, as you were detective.” Sarge said as he began walking away. Dallas picked the rest of the files up and set them on his desk after which he wiped away the sweat from his brow with a quiet “phew” and sat down.
“K.C” A voice boomed throughout the precinct once again startling Dallas which led to more files being knocked over.
“For the love of, hey Laurens.” Dallas said. “How are ya bud?” the man known as Laurens asked.
“Why so formal we’re friends you can call me Jim, Laurens is my last name K.C” JIm sighed.
“I know, sorry just busy. After people calling me by my last name all day that’s why my mindset is” K.C apologized with a yawn.
“So we on to go see that Alexander Hamilton play later?” JIm asked excitedly.
“Yes, and it is a musical.” K.C sighed with slight annoyance and a lot of excitement.
“Now I gotta get back to work we’ll get the rest of the crew later. Catch ya later Jim.” K.C said escorting Jim outside.
A few hours pass and K.C accompanied by Jim is picking up the rest of his group of friends. “Okay first up is Katarina. And if i remember correctly someone has a huge thing for her isn't that right friendo?” K.C asked with a smug look on his face as he stopped in front of a tan and white apartment building.
“Um what an awful color combination for a building!” Jim yelled trying to avoid the question.
“Okay?” A woman said confused as she began to get in the car. The woman was short and had a slim figure which went well with her long black hair.
“Hey Katarina.” K.C greeted with a wave.
“Hey bestie.” Katarina responded with a smile. Katarina chose the seat next to Jim, she knows about his little crush and likes to tease him about it.
“Man it's hot in here can we roll down the windows?” Jim asked.
“Dude the windows are down.” K.C laughed as he began starting the car.
“Right. Whatever, who are we picking up next?” Jim asked.
“Next up is my main man Kellin.” K.C said happily.
“I'm still surprised Kell moved out here to, I didn't expect it in the slightest.” Jim admitted honestly.
“I've known Kell since jr high.” K.C sighed with a smile.
The ride was silent until the sound of a phone going off made Jim scream due to it frightening him. It was K.C's phone.
“Change of plan Kell isn't coming, busy with another art commission, I always told em the art was amazing.” K.C laughed with a hint of sadness evident.
“What about your old group? I'm sure they'd be okay with coming.” Jim said half sure of what he had said.
“Jim, dont. Katarina softly said.
“Nope, it's all good Kat, it was an honest and innocent question. I haven't spoken to them in years, not since the big fight. We all went our separate ways, well except Tony and Khione. I give Skye the inside story on any crimes shes doing a story on for the news. That's it.” K.C explained as he pulled into an empty spot in the theater parking lot.
“Woohoo time for a musical!” Jim yelled filled with excitement.
“Yep. Let's go already.” Kat said dragging them both by their arms.
“You guys go ahead I'll catch up in a bit.” K.C said waving for them to continue.
“Nope I'm waiting out here for you. Jim go ahead so no one takes our seats.” Kat said walking back to K.C.
“you guys better hurry up then!” Jim yelled and began running inside. “So how's detective work been?” Kat asked genuinely curious.
“It's been stressful, but I'm a man of my word, I said I'd become a detective and I did it.” K.C happily sighed. After a few seconds of silence K.C pulled his phone out and searched through his list of group chats until he found a certain one. ‘Totally Normal People’. He tapped on the chat and began typing. ‘Hey guys’. He sent the message and he waited for a response.
“Finally texting them?” Kat asked.
“Yeah, I caused the fight and left without saying goodbye. I'm gonna try and fix this.” He replied.
“Good, that whole fight was your fault anyway. I was wondering when you were going to man up and apologize.” Kat laughed.
“Hey that's not very nice… kitty Kat.” After those last words left his mouth K.C was given a death glare. At which point he swore he saw hell in her eyes.
“Wanna die bestie?” Kat asked with a smile.
“Umm no comment.” K.C replied. They both laughed. The night was young and they looked into eachothers eyes.
“I thought we both agreed to stop having sappy romantic movies. You're my best friend, this is against some kind of rule.” Kat said as she poked K.C's nose.
“Hey it's not like I'm trying to. I can’t help it.” K.C responded rubbing his nose. they laughed again. Their laughter was interrupted with an explosion that consumed the theatre and blew the two into the side of a car. Before blacking out K.C heard a man say. “Ah now that's an entrance.”

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