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Jonah and Andi's friendship this season>>>>

PROMPT: Andi invites Jonah over for dinner because of his bankruptcy
Word Count: 1668

It has been a normal night at the Mack apartment, Bowie and Bex preparing dinner. Andi is lounging on her desk chair, weaving a bracelet, her legs rested on the wooden surface.
  However, her phone rings, and this seemingly normal evening takes a turn.

  Andi looks at her phone screen in confusion as she reads the name shown on it: Jonah.
"Jonah never calls, it must be important."

  She answers, an uneasy feeling starting to form in her stomach.
The boy's voice on the other line is shaky, emotionally exhausted.
"Hey, Andi."

  "Jonah, hi," Andi says, trying to stay calm, "Is everything okay?" she asks. "Yeah, I'm okay," Jonah says, even though Andi doesn't believe it. "I'm just hungry."
The girl sighs at those words, "Do you have anything?" she asks. Before she hears an answer, there is the sound of Jonah opening a fridge, only to hear him close it. "Nope." Jonah says sadly.
   "Where are your parents?" Andi asks, furrowing her brow.
"Um," Jonah hesitates, "They're not home. Probably out, trying to sort out my dad's screwup." He lets out a sad breath of a laugh.

"I guess his bankruptcy is worse than I thought."

   Andi's heart sinks, she wants to help. She has to help. Even though she knows Jonah's problem is bigger than her, she has to make sure her friend is safe.
  "Hey, how about you come over for dinner? Bowie's cooking." she offers with a smile. "Are you sure?" Jonah asks, "They won't mind?"
Andi shakes her head, "Of course not, we'll set up for you."
There is another pause before Jonah says, "Thanks, I'll be right over."

The girl rushes into the kitchen not far away from her bedroom to see her parents placing three blue ceramic plates on the table.
  "Make that four plates, please." Andi says. Bowie's eyebrows knit together in confusion.
"Why?" he asks. "Jonah's having dinner with us." she announces, taking a plate from the cabinet and placing it on the table, pushing her own place settings aside.
"Oh, okay." Bex says, still is confused over the unexpected guest.

  "Please tell me it's okay," Andi says, curling her shoulders in, "I kind of already told him you guys wouldn't mind." She walks over to the cabinet and grabs another plate.
"Of course it's okay!" Bowie smiles. "Yeah, let's set up before he gets here." Bex says.

  With that, the Macks finish setting everything up, their warm pan of pasta placed in the center.

  A few minutes later, there is a knock at the door.
"I'll get it!" Andi says. She swings the door open to reveal Jonah with his big, bright smile.
  He seems completely different than the boy Andi was hearing over the phone just minutes prior. To the common eye, Jonah's smile may seem normal, however, Andi knows Jonah. She knows that smile is just a mask.

  "Hey!" Jonah says, stepping inside the apartment.
  Bex and Bowie enter the living room. "What's up, man." Bowie says as he and Jonah fist bump. "I hope I'm not any trouble." Jonah says with a shrug. Bex scoffs and shakes her head, "Not at all," she says, "Let's go eat."
"Please," Jonah chuckles, "I'm starving."


  The Macks plus Jonah eat and chat long into the night.
Andi notices how much food Jonah's scarfed down. He's had four helpings since they sat down. "You must really like pasta," Bowie laughs. Jonah looks up from his plate. "Yeah," he nervously chuckles, "It's really good." Bowie smiles, "Thanks."
Andi smiles at Jonah's happiness and the fact that he is getting fed, though the way he ate like he would never see food again makes her worry. She wonders why he would still be hungry, since Amber gives him free food at The Spoon a lot. However, for all she knows, that could have been a one-time thing.

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