Chapter 1

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Sometimes you can find true happiness when you learn to let go. ♡


"Its good to be back, finally im back to my lupang sinilangan". I said and took deep breathe

At lumabas ng airport para humanap ng taxi papunta ng condo, i bought that condo before i left the country i have condo back then but there are so many memories their, bad memories every corner there i only see him.

Habang na sa biyahe di ko mapigilang mapaisip na what if i see him again? What am i going to do should i greet him or ignore him, iam not afraid not anymore im not the Pj Hernandez they used to know PJ version 2.0 is better, that PJ that they know is dead. No one can break the wall i build not even him

The moment i saw my condo its really beautiful, i carry my luggage to my condo, unpacked them, my head hurts bad because of jet lag so i decided to sleep muna.

Naalimpungatan ako dahil sa sinag ng araw na tumama sa aking mukha.

"Rise and sunshine." i said to myself

I tried to stand and go to bathroom to do my daily routine and i go to kitchen to cook food for myself. Then i remember i've got no supply i mentally slapped myself, stupid so i decided to eat outside.

I really miss philippines the not so freah air, the crowd of people walking, the sound of the cars and ofc the food.

I went to starbucks and ordered Capuccino and Blueberry scone.

A while ago Bianca my secretary sent me email about my company sales, yes tama kayo ng nabasa i owned a company its actually a my parents company since they died few years ago i take over the company.

I already finished my food so i decided to go grocery food supply and more stuffs for my condo.

(In Mall )

Malapit na ako matapos maggrocery nang may nakabunggo sa akin

"Uhmm sorry miss" i said while recognizing her face

"No its okay, its my fault im not looking kasi" she said

"Mavae? Is that you? " i said as i recognize her face

"How did y?" Cut what shes saying

"MYGHAD! PJ? PJ Hernadez ? Is that you? I miss you bakla" she said while hugging me

"Yeah teh ako ito hahaha, halata nga na you miss me"

"Musta na bakla i never heard news about you since you left the philippines"

"Im busy kasi you know the company thingy"

"I see, you know what you should attend our reunion"

"I'll see when my schedule is free"

"You know what we need catch up we should go and chika chika you know old days" she said with big smile

"As much as i want it too im busy fixing my condo im sorry maybe next time." I said it with awkward tone

"Sige maybe other will do" she said and kiss my cheek and bid goodbyes

Im just making an alibi, i just want to be with her im not comfortable because of what happen in the past i moved on but it feels awkward be with her. Sino ba naman tanga gustong makasama ang taong mahal ng dati mong bf wag tanga wag ganoon

Im here in my bed and ready to sleep but i can't so i decided to watch The Notebook my all time fav movie i really love the story but not all lovestory will end up smoothly.

COLOR OF MY LOVE Tahanan ng mga kuwento. Tumuklas ngayon