Component 02 - Identities

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Lavina wasn't entirely sure if she should flee screaming or try to talk to the living chunk of metal. She watched; ready to make a break for it as the creature examined itself. Yet, she knew there was little chance of outrunning something that moved so fast and ferocious.

Curious enough, it only looked at its hands, and seemed to test each finger, then each toe. It touched the horns sticking from its head, then glanced over its shoulder and shook its head.

The half-elf's fear faded when the living statue fell to its knees and made sounds as if it were sobbing. Lavina couldn't believe her ears. Was something so powerful really crying? It came out like wind blowing through a cave and metal scraping together.

It then looked up and saw the girl staring, and she could only stare back, expressionless.

Inside its iron skull, everything was fuzzy. Once it had been flesh and bone, but male or female? And how old? No other memories were returning.

"What am I?" He looked at the girl, hoping for an answer.

She hadn't one and was as still as a statue herself, eyes wide and unblinking. A few moments passed in silence and somehow she mustered the courage to speak.

"W-Well met, um, sir?" She guessed he was male, given his physique. "To tell you the truth I don't know what you are. A golem I guess?"

She looked confused to him, and he accepted defeat. The girl didn't know him. So he sat on the ground with a loud thunk and crossed his legs under him. With each movement gears ticked inside. Was it normal, he wondered? Was he broken?

After an attempt at a deep breath, he realized he couldn't. No air went in or out. Breathing wasn't something a golem did apparently.

With a resound sigh he tried to wrack his brain, and at the very least, he seemed to be able to do that--to think.

Lavina looked past the depressed machine in search of Gavin. He was nowhere in sight, but her sensitive elf-like ears picked up on more orc cries, but she wasn't able to tell if they were shouts of triumph or pain and death. She hoped the latter. Either way, the girl was ready to leave and find him. He could need her help.

"Well..." She lowered her head. "Thank you for saving me, but I need to um...get going."

Lavina tried to edge away, but the mechanical man looked up and seemed to be trembling, his yellow eye-orbs quivered. He was frightened, almost like a child. How could she just leave the poor thing?


Gavin ran through the snow-laden streets careful to step lightly. He wanted the Orcs to continue following him, but only so far. He would need room to hide after all. And shoot arrows. It was his only chance against six well-armed opponents.

"Ruggza Chrezkch!" One nearby orc said, sounding excited, and a little more than stupid.

The elf could only assume that meant they had fallen into the trap and picked up his tracks. It was time to hide. Taking a turn into the next alley, he regretted his decision. There wasn't much room to maneuver in the narrow space, but there was a turn at the end. Gavin knew he must lure them down and pick each off as they came, one at a time.

The crafty elf darted and ducked behind a collapsed pile of bricks and drew his longbow once more, nocking an arrow into place.

He peered down the shaft, waiting. "Show yourselves, you dirty troll-kissers."

The first of said 'troll-kissers' appeared in the entrance and as it gave a battle cry. An arrow drove into the unfortunate creature's mouth and severed its spine. Before the body could fall, the next orc pushed it out of the way. Gavin snapped his hand back searching the quiver for an arrow, and his heart sank. The arrows were all gone. How had he allowed that to happen?

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