That's Our Sister

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"What the hell is going on?!" The man in front of her began to wave the gun in the air around his face as he screamed at what seemed like nothing. Nothing but erupting fireworks in the trees. It made her smile, she knew what this was, what all of this means. 

"A few boys are firing you from your job, as it were," Ricky's voice came from the trees around them and in between blasts of fireworks. "Someone grab him before we run out of power!" Chester shouted over the firing squad that was set up around them. Calla couldn't see much of the brothers, just the bright lights of the fireworks but her smile couldn't have been wider. She turned around on the heels of her bare feet trying to get a look on one of them in the trees. 

"Calla, try and run over here, follow my voice," Danny shouted after her but she couldn't get a spot on him. Before she tried to walk anywhere toward any of them, she was grabbed from behind by the man again, he had finally got his barrings and reached out for her to complete his job. 

"I don't get paid unless I show your face on the news, battered bruised and absolutely dead, now let's go." He pulled back on her making her heels trip over something hard and sharp. It cut into the back of her heels making her scream out in pain. She fought against him but his grip was very tight, tighter than before, she could barely breathe this time. 

"Let her go, you have five seconds," Chester's voice came from the trees again and when the man finally slowed down, his face turned to the left, just slightly, as a large, black, plastic cannon-like object pointed directly at his face. 

"You're down to three seconds, before this cannon goes off in your face," Chester's firm but serious face gave Calla so many reasons to smile but the man's grip that was around her chest was getting tighter. "Zero," Chester pulled back slightly, showing his finger on the trigger of the cannon and when the man saw this he instantly dropped Calla to the ground. 

Danny ran over and helped her to her knees while her heels bled over the grass she kneeled on. Chester squared up with the man and the cannon, only he was the one that knew exactly what it would do to him. The man didn't move, he dropped the gun into the grass and stared down his possible killer in front of him. 

"I want to know who threw her over the bridge," Chester watched the man with the shaking hands and his hair that is too long, it was getting in his eyes with all the sweat that's trickled down his face in the last hour. "I don't rat on people, especially ones that pay me," he gave an answer and Chester didn't like it. "Those people paying you won't know what you did here. We can stage it to where she looks like she's dead. You get your money and she gets her freedom. What do you say about that? Because that's our sister, and we aren't bringing home a corpse." Calla was surprised at what Chester told him, it was a great idea, something that would solve all, if not, most of their problems. 

"His name is Mason Patterson, but I bet that's not the one his parents gave him. He was supposed to kill her the first time, I'm only called in when he can't finish the job. Call me the ringer, if you will." He spilled his guts, as much as he could, and Chester seemed satisfied. "So, the boss is named Mason Patterson?" Chester asked him while the cannon was still pointed at his chest. "God no, he can't organize anything to save his life, the boss's name is...Something Erwin, I wasn't on a first name basis with her." 


They all thought about it, a woman behind the whole ordeal, it never occurred to them. As Calla kneeled in front of the man that tried to kill her, she felt a rock sitting in her stomach. She closed her eyes and tried to remember a woman in her past that would have done anything to her. 

"The bleach blonde, with the icy eyes, she must be this Erwin person," Calla spoke up and the other three brothers around her tried to make sense of what she was saying. "I've seen her in person once before, she is a bleach blonde with eyes that could freeze you over more than once. Now, how are we going to kill that girl over there?" Chester turned to look at Calla and an idea struck her. 

"Calla, get your hands dirty with the blood from your heels. Then, I want you to lay down over here. We can use the blood from your heel to make a bullet hole and make it seem like you fought back. You can take the photo and do whatever you can to get it on the news so that the search for her is over, right?" Chester took the lead while the other brothers helped her to a more flat area to lay her out. Chester made sure that the man was still in the way of the cannon so that he cooperated with them. 

"I have a few people that can help seal this up, but it's going to be hard. Make the photo look convincing, then I'll take it to my people. After that, we will have to find a cadaver or something for the family to get back, maybe we can mangle it enough that an ID isn't needed or something. I can figure out the details." Chester was surprised that he was cooperating so well with them. "Why are you doing this? I know I have the cannon and all, but it's strange." Chester commented and the other brothers couldn't deny the truth. He was being odd. 

"I didn't even want this job, I nearly declined it, but that woman is attached to the Mason dude. She can get anything on anyone and makes people disappear quicker than I've ever seen. She's a shark and I didn't want to be on her bad side. So when this guy figures out that you may not have died, he calls me in for backup." The man shrugs and points to a spot on Calla's head where the blood should go. He pulls a phone out of his pocket and waits for Chester to give him the room for the photo.

"It will be a little blurry so that the details won't be analyzed, but I can make you dead. I just hope you know what life you're giving up." The man stood slowly and walked over her body. Chester made sure his gun was still on the grass and away from him. "I didn't know my life before, what I don't know won't kill me." None of them have forgiven his actions with Charlie, but he was going to help her disappear and that's all that mattered right now. 

Once the picture was taken and the man left them in the trees, the brothers took their sister's hand and helped her back to the house. They would come back for the fireworks and other things they left behind. Including the empty cannon, Chester had been pointing at the man. 

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