That's Our Sister

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Calla could barely breathe with the grip the man had around her rib cage. With every drag, the man grunted and squeezed her tighter. Calla clutched her eyes tighter and wished she was somewhere else. With every pull into the grass and then further into the trees she took in a hard breath and tried to memorize where they were going, maybe she could do something when they stopped. 

"Normally, on a job like this, I would ask for more money. However, this is partially a favor for that little brat and his boss. You are an enigma, you shouldn't have survived that fall." The more the man talked the more Calla could hear a slight accent. Something she couldn't place, but there was something about him that's familiar. "You are just a little girl, how could you cause all this trouble?" He was talking to himself, that much she knew, but maybe playing him around a bit would allow her to get more information from her missing memories. 

"I don't know how I caused all of this, I don't even remember my name!" She shouted as his steps became slower and the dragging seemed to lessen on her body. "Don't know your own name? I find that hard to believe, child. The boss says you lie quite a bit, says you get yourself into too much trouble." His gruff voice told her more than she's heard in the last week or two. There is a higher boss than him and more than one person working on this. 

"If I remembered everything, then why are those guys calling me Calla? That's not my real name, I don't know my real name." She posed a question to him and when they stopped with trees around them, she looked up to the sky she could just see through the branches of the treetops. "You could be playing those unlucky boys, the boss said you were sneaky. Why should I believe anything you say?" He had a point and she hated it. She didn't know who she was before this, for all she knew, he was telling the truth. 

"What else does the boss say about me? If I don't know much, or anything, maybe I should take the time to find out more." She felt him laugh from his chest that was pressed against her back. When his grip loosened a little bit she took in a deeper breath. When he moved his hands to her shoulder to twister her around, that air came back out quicker than she could take it in. 

"Why would I tell you anything when you're about to die?" His foul smile made her stomach turn. "Why haven't you killed me yet? You could have shot and killed me back at the house, left me for the cops to find in the garden, and the brothers of the house would take the blame. It's a win-win for you." She played with him, as much as she could, just to extend her life a little longer. 

"That would be sloppy, and I, my dear, am not sloppy. I kill and then I clean up my mess. Unlike that Mason kid, he did a sloppy job. Should have killed you then dumped your body. Like I'm about to do." He pushed her away, only slightly, just so he could see her eyes before the gun in his other hand blew her away. "Are you saying a kid tried to kill me the first time?" She asked him while watching the gun in the other hand begin to rise in front of her. 

"A child to me, maybe a friend to you, I don't know the guy very well." The gun was now level with her head. She swallowed a lump in her throat and closed her eyes. "No friend of mine would try to kill me, that I know of. Please let me go, I just want to live at the house and with those guys. Can't you just let me do that?" Fresh, warm tears sprung from her eyes and for a second when she looked at the man across from her she thought he might lower the gun. But he adjusted himself and the gun seemed to point at her face even straighter. 

"That's not my job," he readied himself and the moment she heard the same bang, only louder, she believed that was it, she thought her life was over. 

But the pain never came, the darkness didn't fold over her like before when she was thrown over the bridge. There was no calm or peace to drift off in, there was just noise and chaos erupting around them and the trees. Then, through the leaves of the trees, she saw bright and spectacular lights. 

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