Chapter 14-Possessed

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Tears stream down my face freely. I didn't want to call out to him or ever use our conjoinment to ask help of him. I couldn't get through to Colin though. Now, because of me, he's going to be tortured or worse...killed again. I'm pretty sure Nick is still a little shocked by it all too.

What was he expecting though? I'm sure all the vamps could smell my blood off of him and Heinrich when we returned from church this morning.

"It's my fault." he whispers while tugging off his shirt.

I avert my stare thinking what Colin's punishment could be.

When the bed dips I dare a peek and find him in just his pajama pants. He's been graced with defining muscle, but I'm certain he has gained some weight making him seem more full or thicker. I'm not really sure. I know he's eaten people and that should be enough reason to quit looking at his naked chest.

He pulls the covers over us. Not long after, I feel our conjoined magic healing Colin's bite mark in my shoulder.

Nick shifts around on his side of the bed to turn out the lamp. "You should have called out to me sooner."

"You knew he was coming to my room. You just wanted to wait for me to ask for help," I whisper furiously. "I can't believe I had another baby."

It did freak me out because I was awake during the whole ordeal. I remember passing out this morning. Then I woke up in the church and Nick was holding a baby girl vampire. I don't know how it formed in my womb so quickly, but Nick told me after the ceremony he used his magic to will the baby out of me.

"You should name them."

I roll over on my other side facing away from him. "I cannot be their mother. Their births were unnatural and I am not a vampire."

I'm sure Stella is being held captive here too. I have to find her. We have to put Colin in the right mind again and get out of here.

"I'm not perfect, Valerie. I will change things until you are satisfied."

His arm covers my own across my waist. I brush it away and he rolls over onto his back. "This is who I am. We were meant to be together."

I look into the darkness at the wall across from me. The window is open letting in the sound of tree frogs chirping outside. "The devil is a liar. Look at w-what he's done to you."

I just can't listen to him anymore. Not after knowing he's killed and eaten the ones I loved. Telling him all that won't do any good. He already knows how I feel.

He even went so far and killed his own half brother at the drop of the hat. At least, I think he did. I knew Nick hated the coven, but the werewolves usually stuck to themselves. I never knew them to cross the vamps unless it was business related. The weres were never out on the streets rioting for or against the police.

"Why did you kill the black diamond pack?" I ask while turning to face him.

It was a mistake because I find his head is hovering right above mine. I blush seeing him not move.

I hate the way his eyes soften as if to plead for my understanding.

"I had a dream. They had taken you and I thought they killed you. I couldn't stop them," his voice turns hoarse and my breathing catches thinking he's about to break down. I've never heard him sound so spooked. "The devil left me. I was dying. There was nothing I could do. Then I did something I told myself I would never do. I prayed to the god my father believed in," he whispers while looking up at the headboard above our pillows.

"You mean God?"


"What happened after you prayed?"

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