Chapter Forty Three

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I have a game plan.

Whether it is going to work or not, I'm not sure, but it's worth a try. After my escapade with Chase, I snuck back into my room to ensure Ren didn't reappear with me in his bed. This morning, I'm going to assume everything as normal. Hopefully, Ren will send the Alpha's home so I have room to get to him without him being distracted by them.

Kaden is already suspicious of me, and even with Ren's assurance that I can be trusted, I know he doubts my motive. Once they are all sent away, Ren will have no one to confide in other than me. Perhaps I can find out this secret Chase doesn't want to find out from Ren himself.

However, if he makes him look bad, perhaps he won't be honest with me. It doesn't matter, anyway. What matters is that Ren trusts me enough to get this key.

There is nothing more important than that.

Approaching the dining room to where I'm planning on having breakfast with Ren alone, I start to get nervous. What if I can't do this? What if Ren sees right through my lies, and knows I'm trying to get this out of him. As far as he knows, I don't know this key exists, which could give me the advantage. But still, I've never known my flirting skills to be all that good.

Ren isn't there when I arrive, yet an array of breakfast foods is spread across the table. I don't wait around for him, picking up a plate to shovel fruits onto it. I'm trying to distract myself, hoping I can get though these next few weeks without any issues.

"Long time no see," I hear from behind me. I didn't have time to turn around, as arms wrap around me, pulling me close to their chest.

It takes me a moment to adjust.

"Good morning," I say smoothly. The feeling of Ren touching me is uncomfortable, but I refrain my disgust, turning around to face him with the sweetest smile plastered on my face. He looks down at me, bright green eye starting down at me. The Alpha has definitely returned, and there is no doubting that.

"I hope you didn't come to my room last night. Turned out Chase wanted to make an appearance," Ren comments, a joking smile on his face. I swallow uncomfortably, before forcing my smile into a laugh.

"Actually, I felt a bit sick," I explain, hoping that's a believable enough excuse. Maybe it will be enough to keep me away from him for another few days.

I hope he doesn't expect anymore from me...

"Make sure you get some rest," he tells me, ruffling my hair before moving around me to get his own breakfast. Gritting my teeth, I ignore the urge to fix my hair, and sit down. Ren sits opposite me, thankfully not paying me much attention. I, however, watch him carefully. I'm trying to make sure he isn't into me already.

"So, anything more on Chase?" I ask, taking a bite of sliced mango. Ren's eyes go cloudy, and for a moment, I'm sure he is going to reveal that he knows about the relationship between him and I, and wants me away from him forever.

However, he simply shrugs his shoulders, going back to eating his breakfast. "No. The Alpha's are leaving soon. I think you might have to get to him.

I couldn't be more relieved.

"I'm not sure how I'm going to do that," I say absentmindedly, eyeing him for a reaction. Part of me feels bad for manipulating him, while the other part of me is glad to do it, as some kind of revenge for what he has put me through so far. He's the manipulator here, in reality. "I'm scared he will hurt me."

Ren nods his head, as if what I'm saying is valid. To him, his facade has worked, and I see Chase how he wanted him portrayed. All those situations he created in order to frame him are to him, successful.

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