Chapter Forty One

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It feels shameless, doing this.

I'm not going there to do anything with him, simply let him think I want him. Yet it feels dirty, walking to his room with a robe covering my half naked body. This lingerie isn't too sexy, but it's sexy enough for me to feel shy, my confidence seeping out past the lace and ribbons of the stupid outfit hidden beneath this silk gown.

Ren tried to hurt me. All because I disagreed with him. Now, I'm having to manipulate him into believing me. All so he won't hurt me again.

Will I tell Chase about this? That's the question. I'm not sure how he would react, but something tells me he would understand. He wouldn't lash out and hurt me like Ren would. Just because they are in the same body doesn't mean they have the same reactions.

All of this, I know.

When I reach his room, I don't bother knocking. I simply click the door handle open, and slide inside the room cloaked in darkness. From the bed, I can see his shadowed outline lying in the bed. Just seeing him makes me want to turn on my heels and walk right back out of here. I shouldn't be doing this.

Pushing my shoulders back, I approach the bed, my gait sensual. Under my breath, I lowly call his name out to get his attention. His voice drifts room the bed.

"Should I be concerned?

The confidence I had just managed to muster up suddenly deflates. That voice doesn't belong to Ren. It's deeper, gruffer. Of course, the one time I needed it to be Ren in the room, it had to be Chase. He leans over onto the nightstand to flick on the lamp.

"Is this what you do when I'm not around?" Chase asks, raising an eyebrow at me. Sighing deeply, I wander over to the bed. This probably looks terrible on his end. Here I am, walking into who I assumed was Ren's room, in the middle of the night, dressed the way I am. From his perspective, I can't imagine this looks very innocent.

Clambering onto the bed, I lie beside him. He is distractedly undressed, his shirt missing. I wonder when he took back control of his body.

"Believe it or not, I was doing this to gain his trust," I tell him, hoping I sound reasonable. Chase still doesn't trust me, and I don't think this is going to get me any closer to finding out the truth. "I wasn't going to do anything with him, I swear."

"I believe you."

For a moment I think he is joking, simply messing with me. Oddly enough, he seems sincere, looking at my half smile as if I'm crazy.

"Wait, you actually believe me?"

"Shouldn't I? I know you wouldn't go running back to Ren after he tried to hurt you. You're not a foolish girl, and I know that. I trust you, Brielle," he tells me smoothly. Hearing him say that almost makes me gape at him in utter surprise. This entire time he hasn't trusted me, and now he does. This is progress I didn't think would come.

"You trust me? So does this mean you're finally going to be honest with me?" I question. Once I know why Chase is here, we can concentrate on what to do next. It's a thought I've been putting off. Ren is the Alpha...We can't just, get rid of him, right?

Chase settles close to me, taking a moment to answer. He can't just turn back on me now, we we have made more progress than ever in the last five minutes.

He trusts me. Finally.

"I suppose I can tell you a few things. What would you like to know?" he asks, tilting his head at me. Sitting up, I sift through my mind, looking for the best question to begin with. I don't want to scare him off right away.

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