Chapter Forty

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I've never been so frightened in my life.

It's not everyday you're led downstairs by two Alpha's who could turn and kill you at any moment if they felt like it. Kaden has one arm, Asher has the other, taking me down the steps as quickly as they can. I can hardly believe they think I'm a traitor, but I suppose that makes sense. Perhaps someone came past the door when it was ajar and noticed Chase and I in there.

"You can't trust Ren, I promise you that," I tell them, as they lead me promptly down the hallway. They must be taking me away from everyone else upstairs, right into the depths of this manor where I'm alone, and no one can hear me.

"After this, you'll never want anything to do with that freak again," Kaden comments.

I'm assuming they mean Chase. As much as I want to hate them for saying that, I don't, since they know nothing about him. I thought the same thing before I met him. Somehow I doubt Chase will be as forgiving as me.

They lead me into the old servants sleeping quarters, where I spent most of my time in the beginning of working here. It's all cleared out now, with only a few chairs they had pulled up prior. I'm sat on one, rather forcefully by Kaden. I have to remember he is the Alpha of the Vengeance Pack, and these kind of interrogations aren't something he's unfamiliar with.

Which leaves me terrified.

"I think you know not to go anywhere without me allowing you to," Kaden warns, letting me sit upon the chair without being tied down.

"This is ridiculous, and I think you know that. Chase is my mate. I know your mate accepted you despite you being an evil, sinister man," I say carelessly. I'm not bothered if he takes offence to that. He knows I'm right. Everyone knows the story about how Mara managed to change him from his old ways. It paved the way for all girls dreams to be with the bad boy to change him. Even I know it doesn't usually work that way.

"You should be ashamed of yourself, you know," Kaden says, pacing in front of me. Asher stands away, watching silently. He has never been the man to talk much, I've noticed. He still stands there letting this all go down.

I roll my eyes, so Kaden can see.

"Ren trusted you. Does he know about your relationship with that demon in his head?" he questions, folding his arms. "Did you really blind side him?"

"He would hurt me if I told him. He assumed once and I nearly got hit in the head until Chase came out and stopped that from happening," I tell him, as if it's going to change his mind. I refuse to feel guilty, after the time Ren tried to hurt me. He was faking how he felt about me this entire time, lulling me into a false sense of security. I hate him for it.

Kaden still paces in front of me, considering his next move. He can't hurt me, in case I truly am Ren's mate. He will keep me in here for as long as possible.

"Well why don't you get Ren, and let me talk to him about it. If he thinks I should be punished, then he can do so," I say, folding my arms over my chest also, matching Kaden. I know I'm safe if something happens.

Chase wouldn't let him hurt me.

"I'll go see if he's here, or if that demon is still in his head," Asher mutters, before he walks out the room without further instruction.

Kaden turns back to look at me, and I glower at him. For a moment I liked him, but then I remembered what he is actually like. No wonder his mate left him once. It makes me wonder if they got back together or not. He might be handsome, but those eyes haunt me, looking into my soul, preparing to rip it out.

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