Chapter Thirty Eight

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I've never been so lost on what to do.

Ren acted as if our conversation never happened at dinner the next night. I sat next to him, which is more expected than wanted. All the Alpha's joined us, of course. Noah had to return back to his Pack, but three other still remained, trying to focus on Chase. From their conversations, it doesn't seem they know much about him at all.

"We need to draw him out," Ren proposes to the Alpha's. I turn my head to look at him, narrowing my eyes. That was my idea, which he reprimanded me for. Now he is offering this idea to the Alpha's, even after I tried it. Maybe he thinks he can do it better.

"What happened to our idea of poisoning him?" Asher questions skeptically, looking between the others at the table for support.

I shudder. They really are trying to kill him.

"The poison could kill me. Not worth the risk," Ren dismisses. I'm not sure why that relieves me so much. I don't owe Chase anything, nor to I trust him very much, yet I don't want these Alpha's to kill him. Right now, he's revealing things about Ren that I wouldn't have known without his help.

"I'm sure he knows we are planning to get rid of him. We need to work quicker," Kaden comments, sitting up in his seat. We haven't received our dinner yet, everyone else drinking. I refuse to touch it, wanting to listen to the conversation properly.

It makes me nervous seeing Ren drink alcohol. He's drinker quicker than the others. I'm even noticing a slight slur in his words. I'm not sure why he is wanting to drink.

Something tells me he is hiding something.

"Let me try talking to him again. I think I'm close to figuring out why he has taken over your body in the first place," I bring up. Every glances at me, Ren looking the most suspicious. Ren clearly believes something is going on between Chase and I, but he couldn't be more wrong. Yes, Chase makes flirtatious advances, but I know it's for his own gain, not having anything to do with an attraction toward me.

"How about we avoid you going near Chase if we can," Ren says, chuckling dismissively. I know he is deeming me, considering the fact that he thinks I want to be all over Chase when Ren is gone. I hate that he thinks that about me.

Shifting in my seat, I straighten my shoulders, not letting him knock me down. "Seriously, we need information out of him, and I know how to do it."

Ren sighs, looking over at me.

"Sleeping with him is only going to get you so far. Why don't you just leave it to us?" Ren offers, smiling sweetly at me. I grit my teeth, seeing right through his facade. None of the other Alpha's seem to see anything wrong with the way Ren is talking to me, too involved in their own conversations. I'm starting to get frustrated. Very frustrated.

I drop my cutlery on my plate, the clatter getting everyone's attention. "I'm just starting to get a handle on Chase, which is more than any of you have done while you've been here, so don't undermine me again."

The silence that extends between us is painful, but I endure it for my pride. When I look at Ren, he seems impassive, however, I can see a muscle in his jaw tick.

"Can I speak to you in private, Brielle?"

Begrudgingly, I oblige him, letting him lead me in a separate room out of earshot of the other Alpha's. He's clearly had too much alcohol, his cheeks flushed, his temper brewing. I'm not scared of him, though. He may have been aggressive to me yesterday, but I believe Chase. He wouldn't let Ren hurt me...Right?

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