Chapter Thirty Six

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"I should get your mate."

Blankly, I stare the space on the wall Noah has taken a step away from. I did that, with some unknown strength within my limbs. Noah is a muscular, tall Alpha who very few would be able to make step back let alone throw him into a wall to leave that much damage. I can hardly believe I did that.

Glancing down at my hands, they are bright red, my veins prominent, glowing purple and blue beneath my skin. Noah is looking at me, jaw clenched, eyes wide, however, he doesn't appear too visibly shaken. I'm assuming that's for my benefit.

"No, don't," I breathe. Ren is the last person I want to report this to. "I'll have someone deal with the damage. Don't worry about."

I go to turn away, but Noah grabs at my arm.

"Brielle, that wasn't normal. Either there is something you aren't telling me, or you are as confused about this as I am. Either way, I should get Ren," he says hastily. I'm not so sure why I don't want Ren to know about this. Maybe because I don't want Chase to find out either. At least not until I can wrap my head around what happened.

"I don't know where that power came from. All I know is my arms are numb and everything tingles," I explain, glancing over my shoulder to check no one is witnessing this. "Please don't get Ren. I'll deal with it."

Noah looks skeptical, taking another lasting look at the damage to the wall. "Fine. He is your mate after all."

I nod grimly.

Thankfully, I found a girl who was willing to place a portrait over the damage until I find someone to fix it. At dinner that night, no one was the wiser, and Noah was too distracted with the conversation between him in Malik. I watched Ren the entire time, seeing that green eye blaze. I can't help but wonder where Chase is hiding.

Chase didn't appear for two weeks after. Ren was often busy with the Alpha's who were keen to help with research. Malik spent most of his time off the island, ensuring everything is going smoothly on the mainland.

With the Alpha's here, everything has been going better than ever. Yet, I can't shake an uncomfortable feeling that has been burdening me.

Ren and I haven't even kissed yet.

I've conducted a plan that hits two birds with one stone. Skipping down the hallway, I pray Ren will be as open to this idea as I am. Maybe he won't be, and I'll seem foolish for bringing this up, but it's a way to get Chase out of Ren's body. It's frightened all of us that he hasn't emerged. He is clearly plotting something.

Ren answers the door to his room, looking particularly attractive. I'm not sure what it is, but when he wears a green shirt and it matches with that green eye of his perfectly, it makes my heart flutter. He looks confused to see me, though.

"Oh, Brielle. Everything okay?" he questions. I push past him into his room, turning around to face him. Everything in here is a bit of a mess, considering the lack of staff.

"I have an idea to get Chase out."

Ren doesn't look immediately excited, nor as interested as I hoped he would. He places his hands on his hips, looking at me expectantly. Suddenly, my idea seems so foolish, I want to claim it was a mistake and run out of the room. I have to face it though. I'm sure this idea is what is going to get Chase to surface.

"Why would you want that? Isn't it better if he stays in my head, scared of all the help we are getting?" Ren questions, narrowing his eyes on me. I can tell he's suspicious about my eagerness. It makes me falter for a moment.

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