Chapter Thirty Five

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I'm nervous to see more of the Alpha's again.

Kaden was the first to arrive, walking through the door with that air of confidence you can't find in any other man. Last time I saw all the Alpha's they thought I was a foolish oblivious girl who they warned to stay away from Ren. Now, I'm here completely involved in the mess that is both of my mates. That is, if either one is my mate.

"How are things?" Kaden says, walking in through the main entrance into the foyer. He opens his arms, embracing Ren for a few moments. I can see the relief all over Ren's face now that someone is here to keep things in line.

"Good since you all agreed to come here. I'm hoping things will be easier now," Ren mutters, glancing down at me. I nod slowly.

I don't tell him I'm not excited to be in a house with five Alpha's.

Once Malik arrived, Ren excused himself to go see if the cook would be able to make lunch for all of us. I stood in the foyer, watching the Alpha's curiously. Thankfully, they seemed to keep themselves entertained. It's quite interesting to watch, considering how these respected Alpha's can act quite childishly.

"Is it me or is it hot here?" Malik questions, tearing his jacket off his shoulders. A charcoal coloured jacket still remains on Kaden's shoulders, as he seemed unaffected by the weather. I myself don't feel the heat either.

"Not all of us are from a perpetually snowed in Pack," Kaden mutters, leaning up against the wall. "You of all people who assume it would be a good idea to wear your cold clothes outside of your Pack. Some of us live in civilisation."

"That's an interesting notion coming from you."

Kaden didn't get a chance to bite back, as someone else waltzes through the door. Dressed in all black, Alpha Noah walks in, dark hair shaded around his forehead. His eyes almost seem to pierce right through my soul, just like the last time I saw him. They are almost like pure emerald gems encapsulated within his irises.

"Kaden, Malik, Brielle," he greets, striding in, hands shoved in his pockets. Everyone turns to look at him. I'm glad Ren had Noah invited. He comes across the most mature out of the group, despite being the youngest.

Malik drapes his arm over my shoulder, almost making me flinch, but I stop myself. He's mated, not coming onto me, just over confident.

"How are you, brother?" Malik questions.

"Everything is good," Noah replies. When he looks at me, I glance away. He's probably wondering why I'm still here, after warning me to leave as soon as I could, and to not pry into Ren's life. I make a mental note to avoid him best I can while he is here. I'm sure he won't notice me too much.

Ren returns, greeting the new guest. Only moments later, Asher arrives, moving in silently and almost goes unnoticed. He doesn't banter like Kaden and Malik do, as Ren leads us all into the dining area where lunch will be served.

I sit right beside Ren, sliding my chair close to his body. Opposite me, much to my luck, Noah sits down. His captures me with his gaze for a moment, pinning me down.

The green reminds me of Ren's eye.

"So, I would like to thank you all for coming here to help me. Everything with Chase is getting worse, and I'm going to concentrate my efforts in trying to get rid of him. Alongside my mate, Brielle," Ren announces. I flinch. I wasn't ready to reveal I'm not anything else to him other than an assistant.

All the Alpha's gaze shoots to me as my cheeks suddenly become a blushing red. A smile stretches across Malik's face, making his icy blue eyes glint with mischief. "Oh, everything makes sense now I suppose."

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