Chapter Thirty One

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The next day, I'm on high alert.

Chase just made everything much harder, making him further ahead of the game than me by a mile. I need to know what he is planning, which means I need to get inside his head before he gets inside mine. I'm not sure how to do that exactly, when I can hardly tell the difference between Ren and Chase at the best of times.

I decided to spend most of my time outside, since the landscapers had finished while I was taken, and the entire place is looking beautiful. The gardens are blooming, the grounds safe enough now so I could stand right on the edge of the cliff to look around.

As I look to the coast of the mainland, I feel a slight pull in my chest. I wonder how my family are doing. Do they care about where I am now?

I doubt it.

The lake around Ren's isolated island looks stunning this morning, the warm, beautiful day leaving the surface smooth and glassy. The colour is more of a rich emerald green then blue too, which I can tell many will enjoy today on the coast. Tucking a piece of stray hair behind my ear, I straighten. That is not my life anymore. I have more important responsibilities.

Suddenly, all at once, I hear burst of girls laughter coming from the other side of the manor. It continues, slowing down to soft giggling, but whatever is happening, it's including very elated girls.

Walking toward the manor, I decide I need to see what is going on. The only girls here should be working inside.

When I round the house, I can barely believe what I see.

All the girls I work with and used to sleep in the same area with all stand in the middle of the lawn, surrounding something. They all giggle and laugh, wearing barely anything on their bodies. I approach quickly, unsure why they are out here and not doing their daily work. I even see the chef standing there.

"What's going on?" I question, pushing through the group to try see what everyone is so entranced by. I'm more than surprised to see Ren standing in the middle of the group, shirtless, looking around the group of girls, a triumphant expression on his face.

His back faces me, until he turns around of for a moment, and I see my favourite green eyes is dull and lifeless, the blue one blazing bright and clear.

Chase is back.

Before I have a chance to catch his attention, someone pulls me back through the crowd by my arm until I am right at the back again. It's Mabel, who looks just as excited as the rest of the girls. Of course, I would expect her to be ecstatic about a shirtless Alpha bringing all the girls out here.

"Hey, don't try ruin this okay, the girls are happy for once. We never get a day off," she warns me, to which my expression morphs to utter confusion. A day off? The manor is a constant running place, how could they have a day off?

"Why is he doing this?" I question, motioning toward Chase, who Mabel will assume is Ren. Since they haven't spent much time with him, they won't notice the eye difference.

"I think he just wants us to have fun."

Confused, I shake my head at her, unable to find words. This doesn't feel right, and I'm not sure what Chase's intention are with these girls. Before I have a chance to get up the front and question him, he starts leading all the girls toward the edge of the cliff. Past all the loud talk of the girls, I can't hear what he is saying to the ones up front.

I follow the group, curious and worried about what is going to happen. We all walk down a small path down the cliff, not stopping until we reach the bottom which extends onto a small cove and beach like area.

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